Popup error on every reboot after login

Hi all. Does anyone else experience the LogonUI.exe Application error? I get this error every time I login to my i7 Eve V - though only when the V is starting from the deep sleep(?) power mode.

Here is a screenshot:

What does it mean?

From sleep or hibernate?

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When was the last time you ran windows updates? This could be something that a recent update broke, or could be fixable by updating Windows. If an update broke it I’d suggest uninstalling the two most recent windows updates and running automatic updates again.


It’s from both.

I think 3 weeks ago was the last time I actively ran updates. The problem has been happening for maybe 2 weeks. It could be a possibility.

I think I remember having this same error but it eventually went away. I’d say windows updates is what I’d try first. Then driver updates. Then check for corruption.