Poll: Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

My guess is… Pats. Or maybe Pants actually this year…

By answering the right choice you get: Bragging rights.

**WHO WINS SUPER BOWL?** [poll] - New England Patriots - Carolina Panthers - Denver Broncos - Arizona Cardinals [/poll]

Are there only four teams left competing? :smiley:

Yeah, four teams to go.

Well, just by sheer accident the NFL and Super Bowl became a very acute topic in the convertibles’ biz.


Is it just a coincidence that the New England Patriots, (who cannot anymore win the Super Bowl, but) who are still the top-voted team ATM on this very forum, was the team that had their Microsoft Surface Pro “tablets” melting down? Yes, it is a coincidence.
But hey, this all means that Super Bowl and convertibles’ tech go hand-in-hand.

More importantly, it means that in the future there must be more reliable portable devices to support Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and the likes.

Let us all go forward to ensure tabletgates are not met by Eve people!

@ALASKANJACKSON have you voted yet by the way?