[POLL] Just for fun - can you guess 2017 Microsoft Surface Pro from 2015 Surface Pro 4?

There has been a lot of talk during the Microsoft Surface event in Shanghai how much new and improved the new Surface Pro is vs Surface Pro 4 that it will be replacing. So with all things equal, can you guess which one is which?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • 2017 Surface Pro is on the LEFT
  • 2017 Surface Pro is on the RIGHT
  • Both of these are 2015 Surface Pro 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

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The new pen made it too easy for me.


Spoiler: For me it was the Hello camera(s).


BTW the pens might’ve got switched by accident
I won’t tell you which one is which just yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think this proves that the new surface pro is not really a new device, only some hardware updates

Microsoft really wants you to think that it is new though :joy:
They even counted over 800 new parts according to their presentation
Most of it was likely the count of the solder connections made with a different new tin and the updated hinge (joke)

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Haha… Let me guess, they switched their capacitor supplier and called that 800 new parts? :smile:

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What specs are changing in the 2017 Surface? Are our V’s still ahead of the curve?

http://eve-tech.com/product/ scroll down to the bottom - there is a comparison of the V and the New Surface Pro (2017)

Thanks for that! What advantage does tilt provide to the pen?

The V has better Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.2) than the new surface pro (2017) (Bluetooth 4.1) .
Source : Microsoft Surface Pro - Intel Core i7 - 16 Go - 512 Go - PC portable Microsoft sur LDLC | Muséericorde

Artists use tilt for specific effects with brushes. ie. tilting an airbrush sprays a fan pattern rather than a circular pattern.

Our SSD is also NVMe .
@team you have to change that in the specifications.

Totally ahead in pretty much in every aspect other than the pen, which is the same as SP4 but potentially could be upgraded down the road (to be confirmed). You’ll have a better screen, speakers, no fan noise but comparable performance, better battery life, an included premium Alcantara keyboard that you can use wired or wireless, more USABLE ports, ability to add an external graphics amplifier, and stronger build from anodised aluminium vs painted magnesium (Surface Pro will get scratched from just being in your bag!). Best of all is the aggressive pricing set by the EVE team!

I have been extremely excited for some time! These guys seriously made my year with their Kickstarter. I haven’t seen an external graphics adapter, are they useful or required? I’m thinking doing some video editing and post processing, is that something better served with an external graphics amplifier?

For any typical graphics and video editing you should be well served with i7 16GB version of V, so no external GPU dock is not required in any sense, but if you want to play AAA game titles on very high settings or want to have V closer to workstation in terms of performance and external graphics will go a long way (especially if you get something like GTX 1080Ti)

Thank you for the information. I really appreciate your time!

I’m quite curious about this. Would one be better served for graphical art and video editing with a i7-Y 16GB V, or an i7-U (with Iris Graphic) 8GB New Surface Pro?

Definitely the Iris i7-U. No question there.

If you add an eGPU, though, and support GPU rendering with your video editing software, then we’re talking an order of magnitude better performance with the V.

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The poll won’t let me vote - I’m not sure why.

I think 2017 is on the right.