[poll] How about video input port in v tablet?

there are two types of port video input and output, generally laptops has video output . video input has great advantage that will enable to connect xbox , cpu ,etc to v tablet . it will enable v to act as monitor for cpu so can used as both mode desktop pc and tablet and hence make the most versatile tablet.

is video input in v tablet possible may be via thunderbolt 3?
if its not possible in present . why not to research and invent something like this .

are you interested in it ? then give vote , please not forget share your thoughts on it.

  • Yes, i am interested in it.
  • no, i am not

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This was discussed when the specs were considered last year and subsequently. The size of a HDMI socket is an issue.


Always useful to use the search facility before opening a new thread or poll as per the guidelines for the community

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they are talking about hdmi output port in tablet not hdmi input . its completely different

Hiya @RaviSite!

Please bear in mind, that the V is already completely developed & in production at this point.

As such it’s not possible to implement the HDMI input in the V. We’ve had this discussion already some times in the past - a quick search for ‘hdmi input’ would’ve revealed the following topic:

Please use the search function next time. :slight_smile:



This has already been covered in

And the topic @iKirin linked

I would ask that you continue the discussion in one of these topics. And like @iKirin said, use the search function next time.