Poll: Does your phone not go out naked?

As the title says, do you use a case for your phone?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only sometimes

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Do you use a screen protector?

  • Yes, glass
  • Yes, sheet
  • No

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I like my phone as pristine as it can be. Since i payed a good deal of money (well, not for the one i’m using now: 1+3 :blush: ) and since the metal back feels so good i have no desire to touch an awful case back.

Having two phones (still haven’t gotten around to getting an android phone or 5), I feel the first poll could have been multiple choice (or at least have had options for people with multiple phones). Because I keep a cover on one of my phones (my 1020), but not the iPhone.
That said, I don’t use the cover for protection, it’s a Nokia after all. I use it so that I can keep some money in it, because I don’t like carrying my card with me unless I have to. So if someone ever wants to rob me, now you know to grab my phone rather than to search for a wallet.

Title should be revised since the title is asking for the opposite answer as the questions

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This is why I find it so puzzling that so many manufacturers seem to prioritize “premium materials” over durability. Who cares if the device has a beautiful glass back if you’re just going to slap rubber or plastic on top of it?