[POLL] Are you a happy owner of Microsoft Surface:)?

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Microsoft Surface 3
  • Microsoft Surface 2
  • Microsoft RT
  • Never really liked them so I don’t have it
  • I am planning to get one

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Hi there!
I started this topic so that we could know how many surface users are here. What do you like/dislike about your Surface and what would you do differentpy if you were Microsoft?(I know it’s a very cheasy question)

You forgot Surface Pro 2
Sorry not to be up to date :wink:

Aah sorry man! Now I can’t change it. Pick Surface 2 instead:)

“I don’t have enough money.” should also be a option. Hahaha…

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I have a SP2 so I chose Surface 2 :wink: I’m still very pleased with it! It’s my main PC, using it for “work and play”
I also have the docking station, which is kick-ass (Amazon.com)
Reaaaallly love the design of this docking; just put your Surface on it and slide the sides against the Surface. Bam. Done. It’s so simple, yet effective to transform from docked workstation to a portable device. Oh and it looks awesome too, very well build. It cost me a kidney to afford this thing though, expensive as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

The new Surface Pro’s have a different docking (or block with ports?). That’s too bad.

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I have the surface RT it was a good product for 1 month and then you understand that it sucks. it serve now as a tablet to put my coffee cup on top.


I never bought a Surface tablet because

  1. The design is too cold/industrial
  2. They cost too much.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I do own a Windows RT Lumia 2520 tablet because i was a fan of the design (and Nokia), I saw use for it with free Office for the life of it, and because I got a helluva deal on it since I was a student at the time and since Nokia had just been bought (destroyed?) by Microsoft, so MS was trying to drop their most recent products, as well as WinRT as a whole.
this was March 2014.

Great point! I think we have a clear idea that designs nowadays are simply too cold and impersonal!

Have the Surface Pro 3 and love it. My wife has the Surface 3 as well as my son. My daughter who is a professional photographer has the Surface Pro 4 and could not live without it. Oh, almost forgot, I gave my mom my old Surface Pro 2. So, we are more than pleased with the Surface line up :slight_smile:

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For me it is a great device that have some terrible fails related with Microsoft quality control:

I am the owner of Surface Pro 3 i5 256Gb and it fully replaces a PC+tablet/laptop - I can connect it to the external monitor and have a satisfying performance to do all my tasks(coding, launching VMs, Photoshop etc.) and even play some games on low-medium settings.
I can carry it everywhere - it’s light (it has a light detachable keyboard) and useful.
The backlit keyboard is great, except of the 2 small arrow keys which take place of just 1 button.
The kickstand is awesome!
Stylus has become a must-have feature for me after I tried it on Surface, never used it before.
Screen size and aspect ratio is perfect.
The sound is ok, but not great (my previous VAIO Duo 13 had MUCH better sound).
Front and back cameras are ok and must-have.

Unfortunately, the build quality and durability of the device is poor and there are hardware and software issues unforgivable for that price - touchscreen ghost touches; yellow tint line on the left side of the screen which appears to be a well-known issue within Surface owners(some say they exchanged up to 6 devices and all of them had this issue); not efficient cooling system and strange GPU throttling rules; frequently disconnecting stylus; random rebooting instead of sleep or shutdown. Also it’s impossible to disassemble/repair the device (iFixit 1 of 10) or upgrade the SSD. Only 1 USB port is bad too but not critical, I wish it had 2 of them.

That’s why I haven’t bought Surface Pro 4 and waiting to see if these issues were fixed there. Also watching on analogues (Dell xps12, HP Spectre x2, Lenovo Miix 700, Toshiba Satellite Radius 12 etc.) which have some nice features like ThunderBolt 3 and USB Type-C, possibility to disassemble it(without braking the screen) to replace SSD, or just cheaper BUT also have some drawbacks like the no kickstand or no stylus support and bulky keyboard or only core-m CPU.

I think more and more people will replace their PC+tablet/laptop with devices like these. It would be nice to see another competitor that will provide the best all-around solution for the fair price which will consider all PROS of this form-factor and avoid known CONS.

I own (among other things) a Surface 3.

What I love about the Surface 3 is the kickstand. Having a Kickstand means also not needing
a Cover for it. For most of my tablets I owned over the years I needed a Cover
to use it in the right angel. With Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 it’s no longer
needed. Although I should mention the Kickstand of the previous models weren’t sufficient
for me.

I also love that its fanless. That’s very important for a good tablet. And I really really
like the Startbutton. I know not many people like it, but I really love that it’s
there. Especially for Windows 10 it’s important. Otherwise you have to move
your arm around every time you just want to reach the start button on the
taskbar. It’s soo annoying. But I also liked Windows 8.1 on a tablet way more
than 10.

What I don’t really like is the design. It’s okay but it’s not great. As I said in the other
threads, I for one prefer the Design of the Lumia 2520 for example. Every time
I see it in the shiny red I just go “wow that looks great”. But there’s no accounting for taste.

I also hate the charging time! Compared to the Lumia 2520 with fast charging it’s big pain
in the ass to wait so long.

What would I do differently if I were Microsoft? Hm. For one, of course I would use an
OLED Display and combine it with the brightness of the Lumia 2520.

I would switch from N-Trig to EMR Wacom to not have a battery in the Pen and a better
experience. And of course make sure it’s as good adjusted as the Samsung
tablets :P.

Furthermore, change the Design and of course switch to a way faster eMMC storage. Or switch
to an Intel Core M with SSD.
And of course put in fast charging like on the Lumia 2520.

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When my current laptop breaks down…if it ever will… I will see about buying one.
My problem is that I like to fix broken stuff.

I had a surface Pro 3 and sold it on, I like to be able to use my PC whilst “reposing” and found the little stand too unstable. I bought an Asus folding laptop/tablet to replace it. It’s heavier, the screen is nowhere near as good as the surface, but everything else comes pretty close performance-wise. What I’ve seen of the way things have panned out here is that it’s heading completely in the same direction as the Surface, and as such my interest is declining. Please tell me I’m wrong.

You found it unstable? It’s curious that I have the same complaint but for an ASUS 2 in 1 tablet (ASUS Transformer Book TX300CA).

I selected “never liked them”, but only because of the price… I mean they’re perfect devices, but even the cheapest models are too expensive for me. Maybe if they had Core i5/i7 and a decent amount of RAM and disk space, I would save up and buy one. But for the decent models, I would have to save money for like a couple of years ;D mot gonna happen…

Surface - sucked
Surface 2 Pro - sucked as it was still too raw for mass consumption (sorry fans, I am fan too but a pragmatic one :yum:)
Surface 3 Pro - third one is a charm! Had i5 version and it was awesome for the time! Great build, backlit keyboard, light, powerful and actually got me around 7-7.5h of usable battery life. Also it was tough as hell. It survived 2 drops on tile floor on its back without a scuff! Then one landing on a corner on cement = corner banged, small crack in the corner of screen. But it was fully usable. It died from a bike accident where it was ran over by car! Amen, I loved it! None of my laptops could even survive a slightest drop!
Surface 4 Pro - I love it! Better screen, smaller bezel (could be even smaller though), awesome keyboard and touchpad. I got the i7 version and it has IRIS Pro graphics that is very close to something like geforce 940M. But there is a HUGE BUT - battery life sucks ass! I am lucky to get 4 hours under my normal use! That is 3 hours less than my SP3! I don’t care that it is few mm thinner than SP3 (which MS was so proud of) I would rather it be the same with same 7-7.5 battery.

I think we need another option… I don’t have the money or I can buy an equally good tablet for cheaper. I do like them, in fact I absolutely love them, but the price is bullshit.

The battery is for me a very important issue and I would as you said prefered they put a bigger battery inside than making it thinner - I’m function over form. I also think that decision like having a core m will definitely help this device have a stunning battery life (I want it to be better than a MacBook and iPad one!)


An i7 really messes with battery life. I barely get 6 hours of basic usage like browsing, watching vids, and programming on my laptop. But it has a 1080p display, unlike that crazy sharp display of the Surface Pro 4. I tried one in a mall, it was fantastic. But in the UAE, even the Core M3 version starts at 1000$. So , the PF is my best bet :grinning:

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I hope the Pyramid Flipper is a success :wink: Two things it needs: a great crowdfunding round and visibility (besides actually being an excellent product/ having a great price to performance ratio). While I think the first is definitely very much possible (it depends on the target though), the second will be IMHO difficult because Eve is a relatively unknown brand and it’ll need to stand out in reviews to emerge and be recognized since there isn’t going to exist any marketing and sales are going to br online-only.

Let me explain.

I first heard about the Surface devices with the Surface Pro 2 (the first one and the non-pro line I didn’t know about except the Surface 3 I later came to know) but it was only notorious with the Surface Pro 3.

Another example, only one of my friends knows about the Surface Book (because BTW he invests in stocks and that’s why) and Dell’s Infinity line and other devices are mostly unknown unless you are a tech nerd (sorta like me).

What I’m trying to say is that it’ll be difficult but I think we can do it. Let’s first create the Pyramid Flipper to then disrupt the market! :wink:

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