Please do make a perfect detachable keyboard

As a Surface Pro 3 owner I believe the keyboard or type cover is very hard to design and very easy to have defects.
For example, SP3/SP4 owners see type cover isn’t working very often, because there are several scenarios to cover:

  • Handle detach/reattach event normally.
  • Handle detach/reattach when device is sleeping/hibernating.
  • Disable keyboard when flipping over and re-enable it when flipping back.
  • Combination of above scenarios.
    Microsoft spent several years and making a lot of driver and firmware update to fix all kinds of issues. Most surface owners see different kind of issues more or less until recently.
    Now EVE V added wireless connection so your developers are facing much more complicated scenarios and you will have to handle additional things like:
  • Switch between magnetic and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Handle keyboard low energy cost when device is sleeping.
  • Backlight management according to connection method or battery level.

These things looks trivial but if not handled well each one could be a deal breaker for EVE V. Because it is a 2-in-1 device and everyone expects a good keyboard. I’m sure the Chinese manufacture hasn’t done such a keyboard before so no mature driver so far. I suppose developer team will spend more resource and effort on the keyboard, to make sure it is perfect.


The software side of things is done by Microsoft, and if it works with Surface Pro 4 keyboard, it will work with Eve V keyboard as well. Switching between wireless and wired can be done inside the keyboard firmware, no need to modify Windows (hence, not that hard to do). And I’m not sure why you want “backlight management”. Because people have different preferences, some of them like it bright and some like it completely disabled. In my opinion, the keyboard should never re-adjust its backlight without my permission.

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How about enable backlight attached and disable unattached? As I know backlight is power consuming.

We’ve discussed the use cases and other mentioned aspects of the keyboard quite extensively before. Function wise the keyboard will be very similar to SP4 with the added benefit of wireless capability. Also it will feature more premium build. The backlight function will work in both wired and wireless modes and you will be able to turn it off completely, addressing your energy consumption concern.

The community was very specific about wanting the backlight, so it would be rather a penalty to disable it in wireless mode

If you don’t need backlight to type, then you will most probably keep it disabled all the time because it doesn’t make sense to waste the tablet’s battery power. And if you really need that backlight, then you don’t want it to be disabled when you use the keyboard in wireless mode.