Please create a real pro device

Basically what the macbook pro should have been!

A little thicker but with a lot of power.

32GB ram option.

Geforce Graphics

Beautiful design (Not like what’s out there, Razor Blade is nice but too game’y).

Doesn’t have to have a touchbar or touchscreen.

Similar trackpad to Macbook.

Exchangable SSD and RAM

Comes with a smart docking station solution

Thank you :slight_smile:


Isn’t this the same as


I agree with you on all points other than touchscreen. It is rather nice to have and once you get used to poking at the screen, it is hard to go without. That said I would love to see a truly innovative pro level device being made and would love to participate.

Meanwhile, the EVE core is coming soon or other similar solutions can give you an extra boost in performance by offloading computing to eGPU

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Well, I’ve been using a tablet as laptop replacement for almost 4 years. You do get used to poking the screen, but at the same time I can tell you one thing: I have never felt the urge to tap on a regular laptop screen, or on a desktop monitor. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s so uncomfortable to raise your hand from the keyboard, reach for the screen and tap, that I’d rather use a very cheap and shitty trackpad to do it (funny, but I actually do use one:


Everybody’s use case is different I guess. I use SP4 in laptop mode 80-90% of the time, yet I poke at the screen all the time, and also like to scroll if reading something rather long. And BTW the trackpad on SP4 is great, so it is not like I am avoiding it :slight_smile:


80% of the time I my lapop is closed and plugged into my 27 inch screen and external keyboard and trackpad/mouse.

That’s why the devices screen doesn’t matter so much to me. I wouldn’t say no to a touchscreen though :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can I find more about the Eve Core?

If it has a touchscreen, it MUST have a tablet mode. That is, the keyboard must flip all the way backwards to make a tablet, like in Lenovo Yoga laptops.

And “Eve Core” is just a concept popular in the community. That doesn’t mean it would be developed by Eve (although they were seriously considering it), nor it has any confirmed features. Basically an eGPU box with some ports and ability to charge the tablet.

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