Plastic pen tips are dangerous

…for my screen.

The plastic pen tip is scratching the screen. Luckily Ive got my screen protected, because the plastic tips are cheaply produced and some of them have edges. Also the writing experience is a bit too glidy in my opinion. Better would’ve been some rubber tips, I really like the general writing experience and my hand likes the form of the pen as well… It’s just the tip that isn’t rly good and in a month or so I have to change my screen protector, because I don’t think it’ll protect me at this point anymore.

Hope there just some improvements going on right now or in the close future.

Greetings Shwyne

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Hello, I have similar concerns about tips (I felt rough edges on plastic tips), although screen never got scratched by it so far (I’m using pen very rarely).

I’m using a MS Surface Pen (version 2017) - no problems, no scratching.

I’m no expert, but I don’t think plastic is capable of scratching the glass screen.


In my experience, the scratching is just on the screen protector, when you use the device without, there are absolutely no marks left!

There is the anti-reflecting coating. The plastic is probably peeling off the coating not the glass

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Still not good.


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I don’t really liked the experience the Surface pen gave me, the tip is rly nice, but I prefer the V-Pen anyway.
I’ve had even tried to get the rubber tip of the Surface pen in the V-Pen. This didn’t worked that great, because the surface Tip is thicker, but I’ve got a decent feeling of a V-Pen with a rubber tip and it felt rly great for me.
But I wanted to refund my surface pen anyway, because it’s just a left over from my surface I was rly disappointed before so I couldn’t thinner the tip end for a nice fit.

To the glass:

I have some scratches in my screen protector that are looking like key scratches. That was one of the pen tips with some edges on it.
I’ve ordered some extra pen tips and some of them are straight and smooth but some are warped and got some edges.

In Addition I have to say: I’m using the pen writing function nearly only, because I’m using the V for writing at the University. And it’s kinda sad for me to see the tips so poorly produced, because it’s the main reason I’m using it.
I can understand tho that it’s not the priority in the design and production, but I’m hoping for some improvements in the future.