[PHONE] Killing two industries with one stone

Even if you think there are too many phones on the market, consider this:

The power packs / power banks and phone cases industry are thriving.

What does that mean?

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Most phones don’t last long enough for most phone users.
  2. Most phones aren’t durable enough for most phone users.

I hope we could set the trend in the industry here, for a phone that actually fits your usage patterns so you don’t have to buy an additional battery or cases.


It looks like this usage pattern requires a phone that packs a massive battery, such as the Galaxy M51 (6.7", 213g, 9.5mm thick) with a 7000mAh battery capacity combined with iPhone 12’s ceramic shield front for extra resilience.


Precisely. The M51 is not thick once you factored in the cases on other phones.

Extra resilience could come from many ways. One of which is raised rubber edges around the glass display.