Performance on the V

How will the performance on the Eve V i7Y compare to an i7U processor?

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There are a few benchmark topics already, but I think the one that answers your question best is:

Hope that you can find everything there

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@Mathias_M did already link a topic, but I can tell a bit from my hands-on experience: In Single-Core applications I could not really see any difference to an U-series CPU (bear in mind, I’m comparing that right now to a Lenovo Thinkpad i7-HQ).

With Multi-Core I’m going for the benchmarks - and if you don’t plan on doing super demanding stuff like rendering or something that hammers the CPU for longer than half a minute (which let’s be real - a U-series CPU is also not the right choice for that kind of workload as well) the Core i7Y is pretty compareable to the i7U

I plan on doing some web dev, Ruby on Rails stuff, Photoshop, and some Adobe Premiere. How do you think it will handle that? @iKirin

I would say it will handle it with no problem. Only thing that might suffer is Premier if you plan on doind major workloads on it, but in normal use it should be totally fine.

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Thanks for the response. Any ETA on real world benchmarks?

There are already some from prototypes in the community :slight_smile:
If it is a DVT3 Prototype Hardware should be somewhat final. If it is only DVT2 or 1 then the heatpipes are missing and cooling is much improved to the final devices.

Has anyone in the community done benchmarks with the DVT3?

Check this thread out