Performance of Kaby Lake M3: Review of a 2-in-1 with the Core M3-7Y30

This review of a the Teclast X5 Pro, with the Intel Core M3-7Y30 and 8 GB RAM, just got posted: Review on Youtube
The reviewer says it’s plenty good for every task except photo/video editing. He does show some benchmarks, but I generally don’t get persuaded by benchmarks.
There is also a gaming review: Gaming review on Youtube

I am one of those who will get the M3-model and, seeing this, I think it’ll be a great product!

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Interesting :slight_smile: I wouldn’t really trust reviews of obscure Chinese tablets, but the good thing is that a good quality product usually achieves better results than you see in those reviews. Either that, or the review is booked :wink:

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Yeah, I thought the same thing but didn’t dare to write it. I, too, expect better performance by V than this cheap Surface copy.
How much better? We’ll have to wait and see…

However, in the gaming review the measured temperatures was really good, even during gaming. As I don’t think the thermal solution in this 2-in-1 is that great, it shows that the heat from the M3 is quite manageable. I don’t know what TDP this M3 is, but I would guess ~4.5 W.
What I wanted to say is that with V’s, supposedly, better cooling the optional 7 W TDP hopefully will still keep the temps reasonable. But as I said; it’s a waiting game

Woot only 5 hours of battery life? What is Eve implementing to bump that up to 9 to 12 hrs, aside from the larger battery?

To sum up the Vod, for gaming purposes m3 will be giving you around 20~25 avg fps for some older titles, but may drop down to single digits for the more demanding AAA titles. As for lighter games, ex. LOL and CS:GO, you’d be seeing about 40ish Avg fps during the actual gameplay. Temp wise, it runs around 70~78, I don’t think thermal throttling might be an issue here, but hey lower is always better.

As it shown near the end it’s turbo boost power max was at 7W and turbo boost short power boost was at 15W for the most of the review. Adjusting the Trubo boost to 10W and 18W for turbo short boost, it bump the fps up by about 10%, increasing 1 to 2 fps, while raising the temp up to 85+.

In conclusion, playable, but not ideal.

While i7 maxes at 3.6g, i5 at 3.3g and m3 at 2.6g at max, might it be safe to assume around 15% to 20% increase in performance for i5 relative to the m3?

You are right, Intel uses binning. IIRC anything between top of the line desktop quad i7 down to M3 are based on the same die. They just enable/disable cores, features and change clock rates depending on binning results :slight_smile: