Penbook app currently free

This might be of interest to pen users… currently free (6 days remaining)


I’ve already tried it, could totally recommend it :slight_smile:

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Thank you! All free items are always welcome :wink:


Did anyone come across editor that converts the handwriting to properly formatted text in sentences? I know Samsung tablet has an ibuilt app that does it !!!

I’m having trouble accessing the download.

It won’t open. Say’s I’m not connected, yet I can send this.

Anyone else having the same problem

One Note can Do that. But not that small free pre installed version that comes with windows. only that version you get when you buy office. One of my co-workers uses one note at meetins. Later the text get converted to normal text and is used for protocols.

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The free pre-installed Windows 10/UWP OneNote app does ink-to-text conversions now as well. Math notation conversion+solving is currently still tied to having an Office 365 license though (once signed in with a licensed account the button appears on the UWP app).

@razaknk Nebo is another fairly popular (paid) Windows 10 app for handwriting conversion. Also, if you weren’t aware of it and if it fits your needs you can just use the pen input box for windows that lets you input handwriting in any valid text field.

That’s new. Last time I have tested it, it didn’t worked. Thanks for the hint. I will test it once more when my V arrives.

I just started using Nebo for my notes and diagrams and sketches … all of these in a page. Considering my not so eligible handwriting, it’s doing quite well understanding it (though, it takes a series of iterations and corrections before it understood my writing better).

Here’s a link to a review which made me just go for it. It’s awesome!


Just grabbed it! Thanks for the PSA!

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Just got my free copy too, very cool, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the share!

Thanks. Looks like a great app. Except, I’m having a horrible experience with stylus. Hoping there is a thread, or someone can point me to a fix for this problem. Main reason I bought Eve was because of pen, and this isn’t what I was hoping for. I was trying to write the word “Test” (see vid below for quick idea)

Using Eve pen & Surface pen on Eve

Just tried the Nebo app, great call - I don’t know how it does it but it recognises my terrible handwriting :slight_smile: