Pen, V and etc Feel

Hey all,
I was wondering if owners of the Eve (even @Konstantinos and @Team) could tell me what its like using it on a daily basis. I’ve seen so many reviews and posts responding to this question but the mild inconsistencies between said responses mildly worries me. I’m super excited to own my Eve as I purchased the i7, 16gb, 500gb device. Surface recently released their LTE pro 2017 or I saw an article mentioning it and I just want to make sure I made the right decision buying the Eve and not the Pro i’ve been eyeing and waiting quite literally over a year. I need a 2-in-1 form factor for school and the pen and one note will be something I use a lot. I’d like to pick up drawing as well but I heard that the pen is sub par at best and the superior surface pro 2017 pen is even worse. I even heard the screen is okay even though i’ve also heard its amazing. The battery i’ve heard lasts all day but then also that it lasts as much as the surface pro 2017 (SP 2017) (which would be very disappointing if that’s true). Overall i’ve heard the keyboard is solid, but I also noticed keys stick… which I can’t have happening. I checked surface and for the amount I paid, I got a great deal so I’ll let things little things slide but I can’t have a overall non-premium device because I paid the price of a fairly decked out gaming tier desktop so I hope I’ll be happy. Again i’m super excited its just the reviews have a little bit of inconsistency. Like the surface reviews all say basically the same but I guess since the Eve is new, there is inconsistency…? Is there anything to optimize the SP 2017 pen because I read on another thread that the SP 2017 pen isnt optimized for the Eve. Overall I’m hoping the pen, battery, i7 ultra low power perform well because I’m not going to be too nit picky on much else…

Have you gotten your V? Tell me about your experiences with the pen and device if you have :smiley:

PS sorry for the rant. I just paid alot and the reviews worry me :smiley:


My advice, since you paid for it. Forget about the competition and be surprised by the wonders of V. The best device is always seems to be on the other side. Do not be fooled. Once you hold the V, I am sure this will be your best device! Or at least that is what I keep telling myself every single night


I don’t know if you’ve already saw it but I shared my experience with the V here:

I will update the thread in the next days but my experience with the pen hasn’t changed so far. Maybe there are others that have different experience.
If you have further questions feel free top ask.


Lol😅 we’re both in the same boat

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Guys… does the tilt in the surface pen work on the V?

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nope it does not, atleast not at this moment

I hope by time my December 4th batch arrives at my house, there will be official support for the complete surface pro 2017 pen features such as 4k pressure sensitivity and tilt or else I might have to return my device as the pen will be an integral part of why im using it…

I’m just so nervous because from what I see there are countless issues with the Eve and I hope the team can roll out sufficient fixes :slight_smile:

4096 pressure sensitivity will not be possible to add by a software update as it relates to hardware. Tilt using the surface pen can be in the future.

Pressure is not possible and also tilt probably wont be available as it is not available to other Surface Pro machines yet, even as MS promised to make them work with an update.

My first V was broken, with the replacement I have zero issues at all.
Catching a faulty unit is always possible, especially with electronics.

I’m using the pen for annotating, and it works good. Still might give the SP2017 pen a try, mostly because of the buttons.


good to hear that works well

Please let me know what you think about the SP2017 pen :smiley: . I’m excited to hear that yours works fine for annotating. What about for drawing. Have you tried it?

I know that the pressure sens. is through hardware but i’ve read that the support for the sp2017 pen is no bueno so through software they can refine the overall feel and at the same time implement support for tilt.