Pen issue (moving on the screen but does not click/select)

Hi folks !

Here is the issue, when i move the pen on the screen i see the cursor that follow it (so far so good) but im unable to click on anything, i did another test on sketch pad i see the cursor moving but it doesnt draw =/ .

I did see a Win update installing when opening the V, maybe its a setting that as changed ?! (was working the night before)

Thanks in advance !

I think it might be a software issue, a lot of weird things are happening with my V also. I was investigating my own case where 3 of my pens doesn’t write at all on the screen.

Unless someone already has a solution. For the moment, I would suggest testing the pen on a Surface at a local store to rule out any problem with it.

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with my unit, sometimes it seems im pressing just not hard enough to actually click occasionally. I can confirm occasional lag when using the pen to switch/close tabs in Firefox though.

good idea i will try that this week and keep you updated ^^

Sorry for the 1 month late reply but i think i have solved my issue, after a while (maybe 2 weeks) i was not able to see the pen moving on the screen, so i decided too order some AAAA battery and changed it, now everything seems to work so far !

Good news, sometimes the very thing what bugs you has a simple"why did I not think at that before" solution.

To bad it is not always true.