Pen friendly software?

I bought my V in attempt to interact with a computer a bit differently. I want to try more mindmapping and drawing.

Before I go spending a mint on new software I wonder what the community has tried?

I have in mind two categories (that might be satisfied by one program).

Drawing software to allow me to make make rudimentary drawings, making lines/shapes look better than how I drew them. Bonus points if the drawing software has a library of simple shapes/objects. These drawings will rarely be shared with the public instead I will share them with someone one my team who will make them look right.
On my Galaxy Note - plays that role. On my Mac I use OmniGraffle
In the MS Store - options include: FlowShape, Scrble.

MindMapping/ConceptMapping I want an application that allows me to create a mindmap, mostly by pen. The mind maps should look good and again a library of shapes wouldn’t hurt. Automatic layout updates is key. Also it would be nice if the mindmap supported more than the basics - i.e. you could connect nodes further down the tree.
On my Mac I use MindNode.
In the MS Store - options include: MindMaplePen; MindMapsPro (no free trial)

What have you tried?
What other tools should I go looking for?

There is a really simple piece of software called freemind. But it’s not that good and not made for pen input.

Drawing software: It would advise to check out OneNote. While not being a drawing software at all, as a notetaking software it has pretty good tools for quick sketches with the focus on functionality. If you want to try out real drawing software, I would advise to give “Sketchable” (Windows Store) a try. It’s easy to learn and showcases many methods you use on a regular bases with more serious drawing / painting software.

I use “Grapholite” (Windows Store) as Mind Mapping tool. It has great pen support and is easy to lern.

For drawing there is also Krita that has so really good line smoothing for pen input as well as a library of shapes and the ability to get more online. Krita is opensource and free but I also really have liked Autodesk SketchBook as well and its extremely easy to learn and is only $30 for a year. It has some libraries of shapes as well if i remember correctly but you could check out their page for a more recent update, its been a few years since i used it last.

@Christoph I know freemind and XMind - their all pretty ugly and not Pen friendly.

@s.auler @necrotherium I know that OneNote and has drawing tools and the Krista is good tool for people with great drawing skills. I’m an advanced stick figure artist. The appeal of DrawExpress on my Galaxy Note is that it makes my wonky shapes look good.

@s.auler Grapholite seems interesting, I just installed the trial.

Thanks all. Keep the suggestions coming.

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