Pen-Enabled Spectrum with Wacom EMR technology?

I have seen Eve Spectrum monitor quality, and it is one of the best monitor I have known. With Naon-IPS, VESA DisplayHDR 600 (which is one of the best HDR), HDR10 Media Profile, 4k 144hz and much more.

I am a fan of Gaming Monitors and Pen Display. I really wish that there was a Monitor that can be both, Monitor and Pen Display, 2 in 1, you lnow what I mean. As a fan of Eve Devices, I would like to see Eve be the first one who make those.

Eve doesn’t necessarily need to make a new model of Monitor, they just have to put Wacom EMR Technology (one of the best Monitor Pen Tech) to the Spectrum and make it as an option of the customization which may be $249 - $349 more expensive I guess?? But It wpuld be fine for me since Wacom’s display are just… expensive as well.

And I believe if Eve make this come true, it will be one of the most innovative monitor ever exist! I really hope so!

ThatOneAqL (Fanboy of Eve)


I would really like to see this also! It reminds me of the Microsoft Surface Studio, except it would just be a monitor to connect to a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, or console. It would be perfect for artists, creators and designers to draw, paint, annote, sketch, sculpt, etc and also be good for productivity, video editing, gaming, watching movies, and more. I think it would also be cool if it had a built in speaker system in the base. I don’t know if this would be popular enough, but I think it would be a really cool product after all the Spectrum models have been developed and shipped.

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Could you elaborate more on how you would imagine this being used on a daily basis? Would you be sitting down and using the pen on the screen or would you have to stand up while using this (like a standing desk with a tilted display?)

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I personally woild rather sitting down while working. And if this product become true, i will use that as my main monitor and put it on a stand so I can move and tilt it up and down depends on what I want to do.

Tilted Down for Working, Drawing, and Animating.

Stood Up for Editing, Gaming, and Watching.

That is how I imagined how I would use it!

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I end up either using my laptop touchscreen as a drawing surface or a 13 inch Wacom tablet/monitor on a many-axis monitor arm. Having the Spectrum, or alternative 28-32 inch monitor, with a Wacom layer is reasonable; Wacom monitors normally set up in labs are stationary but can be rotated in a parallel axis to the user back or forward to improve viewing angle and drawing comfort.
The clarity of these monitors, however, is historically terrible. This is a Wacom issue, not an issue with their layer tech; my laptop screen has one of their layers and looks great.
Most important for me is how drawing monitors need a harder screen to protect from long-term stylus use. Nothing is worse than the slow dulling of a drawing monitor due to use as intended.

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Hi there,

What kind of pen/stylus do you use on your laptop touchscreen?

I use a Lenovo pro pen, both the rechargeable and battery powered

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