Pen Display mode for desktop?

I understand you folks at Eve have a whole lot of stuff on your plate these days, and this might end up being rather low priority, but for other artists and myself, I figured I’d try asking anyhow.

How likely would it be that we could see either some sort of software or a piece of hardware that would turn a V into an external pen display for our desktops? For example, the wacom MobileStudio pro tablet has a physical link that allows you to hook it up to your PC. At that point, it just becomes a pen display that you use for your desktop as opposed to a standalone tablet.


hi @cooksfork!

As far as hardware is concerned, I don’t see this happening as it will require hardware and firmware changes to the device that are not in the pipeline. Software solutions may already be available, though I guess they’d make use of the local network and that might make latency an issue.

You can find more discussion about using the V as a display here:

And more discussion about using the V as a pen tablet/display combo here:

Though note that in both cases, though it’s been discussed, neither feature is at this time present in the V.


I just had a genius idea. Thunderbolt supports lan/ethernet adapters. And some of those ‘use a windows pc as extra monitor’ devices do have the option over ethernet instead of only wifi. So a thunderbolt-thunderbolt cable that has an integrated switch does seem like a suitable solution than? Since your desktop has a fixed location, bulkiness is less of a problem and it could easily be integrated in a dock-like solution

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I think what he is asking is if there is some way a peripheral device could be made once the V is out. An add-on that turns the V into a wacom like device. I’d love to see that!


The thing is, that ideally you’d just power the display and digitizer, and whatever little bit of electronics is required to send and receive signals to and from the host computer. That’s the part that would require changes to the V’s firmware and hardware.

If you’re going to develop a peripheral, the entire device would need to be powered on. This means that either it’d need drivers for Windows or whatever OS, or support for it would need to be baked into the UEFI firmware. It’s not a bad thing, but… if it’s only purpose is to send and receive data to and from the host computer, isn’t that what we have a Thunderbolt 3 controller chip for?

If the latter option is available through the UEFI firmware, it may be possible to just connect the V through TB3 and have it be a display and digitizer, but it’d be less energy efficient than if the hardware inside the device was designed for the task… (Even so, I’d think it’d be added value!)


I don’t know much on UEFI firmware thing, so the question I have then is will that be an option for the Eve V? Or at least a possibility that it could come in the future?

Thanks for the reply, Helios! Yeah, soon after I saw your reply, I started kicking myself for not spending five minutes to try to find past topics on this. I don’t have any excuses for my laziness, other than my laziness itself.

But yeah, I wasn’t thinking of anything coming out any time soon alongside the v, but even if it was a peripheral that came out like 8 or 9 months down the line, that would be awesome. Though your UEFI idea seems cool/plausible, even if I didn’t quite grasp it all yet.

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I seem to remember seeing an article soon after the original iPad Pro came out about how you could plug the iPad Pro into a Surface and use it as an external pen display. IIRC the Apple Pencil worked on the iPad screen and the Surface Pen worked on the SP4 screen. I don’t see why it couldn’t work the other way around, with the V/Surface Pro acting as the touch display and another device acting as the primary device.


The difference there, is that when the iPad is connected to a Surface, the iPad acts as an accessory and the Surface acts as a computer. It’s how traditional USB works: a host device controls a client device. In this case, we’d want the V to act as an accessory, and that means the device needs to have been built to have that as an option…


This would be a major selling point for me, and probably many others. I think the Cintiq Companion does this, so I was wondering if the V would be able to do it as well, seems like it could be easy-ish to implement.

Nope the Eve V will not. They talked about possibly considering it in a future device but not in this one.
I agree though it would be an awesome feature as I am working on building a much more powerful workstation for my 3D work.

Maybe you can look into virtual secondary screens. Mirage Driver for TightVNC seems promising.

Couldn’t you do this with a software like TeamViewer?

TeamViewer might work well enough for simply controlling the other device through the touch screen, but I’d think the latency would be too much to use it for anything artsy. I’m also not sure how TeamViewer handles transmitting pressure-sensitivity or multi-touch…

I’ve merged the topic Will the V work as a screen (with touch and pen functionality) for another device, such as a more powerful but stationary desktop PC? by @DuncanTallon into this topic to keep the discussion in one place.

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Team Viewer and VNC wont detect pen input. The only thing that will work is Windows 10’s remote desktop protocol. However there’s a major drawback to using that: the discrete gpu is disabled and it uses Intel hd instead.