PC hang after waking monitors, NVidia GPU, multiple monitors (sort of fixed)

Thought I’d post this here in case it helps anyone else with the same problem (I’ve searched an I can’t find it mentioned anywhere else on the forum but could have missed it).

Since getting my second Spectrum I’ve had a problem where my PC hangs requiring a hard re-boot when I wake the monitors from standby pretty much 100% of the time. After investigating it it appears to be a problem with the NVidia driver (so Eve staff can stop reading now :wink: ), lots of people with multiple high refresh rate LG monitors are seeing the same issue (a long thread here on the Nvidia support site https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/user/1097591/462913// )

It appears to be relater to G-sync and the good news is it was ‘fixed’ for me by simply turning off Adaptive-Sync in the OSD just on my second monitor which I don’t use for gaming so it’s no serious loss.

I’m in contact with NVidia support and can post the ‘solutions’ they’ve suggested here if anyone would like but none of them have worked for me so far. I’ll also jump back on and post the real fix if NVidia finds one for me.


I mentioned something similar from their release notes for a previous driver, one of the 496.xx drivers, IIRC, that they supposedly addressed.

As soon as I hooked up the ES07D02 engineering sample a a second monitor along side the ES07D03, I had that happen a lot to me until I updated to a firmware test build for the sample, but it’s does still happen randomly. This is with an RTX 3080 Ti.
nVidia hasn’t said anything about single monitor issues, but I would be surprised that their drivers haven’t caused similar issues with a single monitor for some people as well, not just Spectrums.

Please do keep us up to date, that will be helpful for us as well.

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