PC building community of 2017 in a nutshell

Is it just me or, the PC building community has been going downhill with everyone putting style and looks over function or effectiveness.

We got to the point where a manufacturer, in this case Cooler Master, but other companies too, offer vertical GPU mounts. The purpose of this product is purely for looks with no brain. It is going to hurt your temperature, renders the rest of your PCIe slots useless, and not to mention, voids the warranty of your PC case.

Maybe it was cool when some random dude did a DIY vertical mount, but we have got to the point where it is profitable for those companies to make money out of this kind of products.

Its not that the trend is fairly new either. Few months ago, BitWit made fun of it with this video, where they presented a VR-ready glass with RGB, that serves zero function, and he claimed it would sell.

Of course we all laughed at that joke, surely no one would do it, right? Right? Right?

Its actually happening everybody…

Yeah, nothing new, this has been happening for a few years now. Everyone’s going crazy. Even “big guys” like Linus Tech Tips keep mentioning that silly RGB stuff in their reviews all the time. While I would never buy a pre-built PC, I don’t consider myself part of that “community”, because let’s get it straight: it’s 100% stupid.