Password / PIN Storage on Android

A quick question to the hive mind:

Anybody got any strong recommendations for a secure, good quality password / PIN / confidential info manager on Android (Oreo)?

1Password, Dashlane are the big ones. And LastPass but their “security” is little worrysome and personally don’t trust the company.

Enpass is a good option too, also bitwald (or something like that)

I personally have used 1Password for ages so can’t really comment on the differences. Have tried Dashlane few times but just something doesn’t work so well as they do with 1Password

Great, thanks!


I can recommend keepass.
Open source, free and simple.

There is a windows program and the mentioned android app can be used as a keyboard. So if I need password and username I change the keyboard to keepass, unlock the safe and can write the username and the password with two buttons. The app supports the Oreo autfill.

My password file is stored in my Google drive. So I can access it from the Android phone and from my PC plus the V when it arrived. Here a list of the possible cloud storages. So you can choose the one you trust.

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Cheers, I’ll add that to the shortlist.

Maybe you meant Bitwarden? It’s open source and awesome. I begun using it recently, and ended up closing my LastPass account.

yes Bitwarden was the correct name :slight_smile:

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