Parsec 'virtual monitor' issues

Hi so I use Parsec to connect to my work but sadly it has been rendered unusable by my Eve Spectrum - I’ve had to go back to using my old monitor.

Essentially it makes Parsec stutter as in the every few seconds the mouse cursor and keyboard freezes and sometimes I get a large repeat of a key press.

Quite why the Eve Spectrum would cause this issue I’m not sure but as soon as I swap back to my old monitor everything works. Parsec is a virtual monitor so its in the same ballpark software wise but I’d have thought it would be effected only if the host machine had the Eve Spectrum connected to it rather than the client machine.

This is using 3080Ti, Windows 10, Nvidia 471.41 drivers and firmware 102.

Anybody else experiencing this? Does it happen with Citrix? I can confirm it doesnt happen with Windows Remote Desktop.

Possibly something to do with the bug I’ve just posted with multiple monitors?

UPDATE: I’ve managed to get Parsec working fine with the Eve Spectrum - when Parsec remotes in and I experience mouse and keyboard ‘judder’ I just unplug the mouse and keyboard and plug them back in again.

So seemingly nothing to do with the Eve Spectrum BUT this problem ONLY happens with the Eve Spectrum. My old monitor its all perfectly fine - go in out of Parsec absolutely fine - use the Spectrum instead get judder.

I’ll see how I go with this for the time being but at least I’m back to using the Spectrum which is a marked improvement over my last monitor.


Hi @billythefisherman,

I’m pleased you got this working.

We’ll look to come up with a long term solution rather than you having to unplug your mouse and keyboard.