Paid a year ago, no update, no communication, no device

Hey Dough , former EVE Team, it has been a year with no update, mind giving one?


Would love to hear something too.
There has to be some thing to tell. It can’t be that all of you are “waiting for details regarding the next batch of Eve V2.” since MONTHS.


Same here.
Any insights in what’s really going on would be appreciated. This delay is just ridiculous.


Hi guys,

Unfortunately we don’t have any more news yet for V (2021) at this point.

We are sorry that the wait has been, to put it simply, ridiculously long. We hope to share more updates as soon as we have them…

You sound very much like there is not much hope you have yourself, please be aware that press has already considered this a postbox only company and comments on the lack of communication and support: IT-News für Profis


Do you thing there will be a news for V2021 in 2022 ?

Is this happening again? @eve-tech @evedevices @dough or whatever you guys are calling yourselves now.
Please tell me you are not doing the same thing to these people you did to those of us that never received our EVE-Tech V originals (2017)?
Are pre-order cancelations actually paid out this time? If so I recommend doing that and waiting for the product to actually hit shelves.

These are mistakes that should have already been learned from. Be better!


Heya @Cas ; @Aethel ;

on the Spectrum forum you mention you would have an update this week on Spectrum.

Have you been able to line up an update on the Eve as well?
There was questions open about have all preorder units get produced as you outlined once “units were produced” without going into answering the question on maybe you only produced 50 (and only you know how many actual orders you had)

All things left aside this will be a close call to make it in 2022 still and you might want to rename the forum to Eve (202X) to be on the save side. Jokes aside, i assume you don’t do this community work for fun and thin air but get paid right? Just to clarify who’s interests you are following.


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Hi guys,

This is not the case for Eve (2021). Even with the rebranding, the liability still stay as the entity is still, in fact, Eve Devices. Dough is a name change, same company.

I couldn’t agree more. There are a lot of mistakes made that should be used as a guide moving forward.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any further updates for Eve (2021) yet.

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@Cas, Be real with us. Who has received an Eve V 2021 yet?

I’m an original backer of the V 2017, and I love the machine but was definitely looking forward to the upgrade. Hence I backed you guys once more.

I’m more than beginning to feel let down.

The inability to get even a status update of some meaningful significance completely deflates any hope I once had in the organization.

I need real information from you in the form of updates.

If you haven’t heard anything new, I need to know who you’ve been in contact with and whether or not there are others you can try to seek out for more information.

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Yes it’s happening again after the reassurances that the issues with the V were down to choice of payment provider.

Many have requested Spectrum refunds and have either not been repaid or have waited months if not years to receive one if they’ve been lucky!

Masses of examples on reddit too of people not getting the refund experience one would expect.

Basically support stop responding to enquiries after supplying them with the bank details they request from you. If you chase it up with Aethel then that too is ignored. Those working here on the forums should be aware they’re basically tarnishing themselves with their association with what is fast turning out to be a scam outfit!

Such a shame because the products have seemed very of the moment what with the input from the community over various choices made along the way. They are however destroying any trust the community should have placed in them. Imagine you buy an Eve device from a shop or online retailer, what value will Eve’s warranty be if they can’t follow basic acceptable standards for providing refunds!


Same for me, I made the order in February and asked for refund in August. And total silence but I see there are new releases and people keep putting in money in this Ponzi company.


I’m sad to hear this is continuing.
Still haven’t gotten my $1649.00, EVE V, or for that matter any information from my 2017.12.04 order.
I’ve tried to warn people to only buy products once they are retail. That $300+ dollars off seems really nice though up front : [
I’ve also noticed they are sending targeted adds for pre-purchase based on what we’ve selected as our interest throughout this process.

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2 days after I cancelled, which was a couple of weeks ago now, I got their email trying to sell me the OLED model.

I don’t have any problem with the products but if they’ve broken the trust between themselves and the consumer how could I possibly buy any of their products! It’s not just about getting a refund, if I bought something and it was faulty I don’t believe based on their refund performance that they’d do anything about it!

Such a silly move from Eve because any retailers here in the UK that do their homework will see what the score is and won’t be taking the risk with such supplier to stock their goods.