Overall great display but has some issues

So far I wasn’t able to test how it performs on Displayport as none of the ordered cables came with Spectrum so I`m currently using the cable that came with the Xbox Series X. I was also able to test it with samsung dex on my Tab S7 using the USB-C video input.

What works:
-4K 144Hz 10-bit (HDMI 2.1 on RTX3070)
-Netflix(on PC) 4K HDR so HDCP 2.2 seems to be working

-Overall it’s an awesome display.

some concerns:
-It’s quite warm to the touch
-when in 10-bit mode there’s a noticable coil whine, 4K 144Hz 8-bit doesn’t seem to produce a coil whine.

what doesn’t work:
-Xbox Series X doesn’t work on HDMI1 regardless of the resolution or other settings but it works on HDMI2 without any issues (if we don’t count the issues with Netflix in HDR)
-Samsung Dex isn’t in full screen when the USB-C bandwidth priory is set to USB 3.1 and 4K@60Hz, on USB 2.0 and 4K@144Hz Samsung Dex works in full screen.

-Netflix work`s great on PC but on the Xbox Series X it has some weird flickering while in HDR, most noticable on 4K@24fps, 23.79fps and 25fps seems to be ok, 4K@24fps doesn’t seem to have the same flickering on PC as it has on the Xbox Series X. (tested with “Test Patterns”)

Still I’m happy with the purchase and can’t wait to finally play some games :smiley:


Updated the firmware yet? I seems to ship showing 102 but the actual bin file in the download shows a rev# as well and we know from BlurBuster’s comments that more recent rev number included strobbing tuning.

I say this without having my own yet. I just get the feeling that the 102 that folks keep seeing and assuming means latest may in fact not be so. But obviously if you see a rev number somewhere and its 875 or higher then you are fine.

Unfortunately the fw version in the OSD only shows 102 without any additional info, but as everything is working good enough for daily usage I’ll just wait for a newer version with more improvements. HDR seems to be working fine on PC, on the Xbox Series X it looks like it`s an issue with local dimming, with HDR off there’s no flickering on the Xbox.


I see that I am not the only one that is concerned to how warm it gets. I would like to have eve make a back panel redesign for better air flow which I can order. I had to turn down brightness to 30 from 50 which help minimize how warm It gotten. Hdr on will make it a bit warmer.


I also dropped down the brightness from 50 but even to 20 which is still bright enough for me, 50% was way too bright to comfortably look at the screen for a longer period of time. It would be interesting to see temperature differences with different backplate designs but at this stage I doubt it would be possible. Looking through Google search results I see that LG GN38GN950, 27GN950-B and some other screens also tend to get hot so I believe Spectrum is within acceptable temperatures for a reasonable lifespan, but time will tell.


“Warm” in what context? It’s a relatively high brightness monitor. Any panel putting out that much light will get quite warm, especially at high brightness levels or showing HDR content.

It’d be nice to get a comparative analysis between similar monitors, yes!


Just wanted to follow up now that I have mine. It arrived with 101 (no rev number) and now after updating to the 102 file on the website it displays 102R875 which matches the file name.


How bad is the temperature really though? I think the Eve Spectrum is not active cooled while the LG 27GN950-B has a small fan it and people still report that it gets quite warm. Can someone test the monitor with prolonged high brightness settings to see how warm it gets?


Just checked it with an IR thermometer

25C ambient

38C after 30min in HDR mode which doesn’t seem that bad, I might update the info after a longer session in HDR.
I’ve checked the bottom middle of the screen as that’s where you would normally touch the monitor to access it’s settings.

@Upstaged Thanks for the info, in that case I think I’ll consider updating to the newer revision as I mentioned before I don’t have a revision info:

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Was the test done with your brightness at 20 with hdr on?

HDR on, 30min of Netflix in HDR, in HDR Spectrum doesn’t allow me to change brightness settings.

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i dont know if it just me. i think the firmware update helped with the temps a little bit. i cant confirm cuz i dont have a ir thermometer.

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I was checking temps during a longer gaming session in HDR and It didn`t go past 45C, seems high but maybe that’s normal for HDR, when I switched HDR off the temperature started going down.
I updated the firmware and so far another bug that showed a couple of times haven’t occurred since the FW update, on 102 sometimes this weird vertical screen tearing would occur which would usually go away after powering Spectrum off and on:
So far this hasn’t happened on 102R875.

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There may be individual differences in the size of the coil squeal.
At least in my environment, the moment I turn on the HDR, there is a clearly discernible noise coming from the rear unit.
This noise also enters the Spectrum’s 3.5mm audio output and adversely affects the sound quality.

The other problem I’m having is that the aspect ratio setting isn’t working properly with the DisplayPort connection, but it may be a minor glitch that is only occurring in my environment since no one else has mentioned this problem.

The ability to customize shortcuts is something I’m desperately looking for as well.
My old Dell monitor had the ability to customize the shortcuts.
I think a lot of people want this and I hope it will be implemented as an additional feature in the new firmware.


The audio output on the Spectrum is definitely not HiFi as even without HDR there’s some noticeable noise when using headphones and it gets worse when HDR is on, but when using speakers I’d say the audio is acceptable.

I still don’t have a displayport cable but I should have one by Tuesday so for sure I’ll check and write here if I have any issues while using DP.

Did anyone have any compatibility issues? So far spectrum works with almost all of my devices, except for a USB-C dongle:

I’ve successfully used this dongle on at least 4 monitors/tv’s (up to 4K@60Hz) without any issues but somehow it doesn’t work with Spectrum.

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i think there was a video of @Lore_Wonder that was posted on the forums which he used one of those when he was doing his testings. not sure what brand he used.

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Hey, @LoneWolf!

I went back and found the following video (timestamped) where a Type-C adapter was used between a MacBook Pro 16" and a Spectrum prototype. Were you referring to this video? I cannot recall another one where Type-C accessories were utilized.


the video i thought there was one in was the “testing showcase video”. after watching it again there wasn’t any used.


Hey @maciej, in regards to your issues, I would recommend you contact our support team. Who will be able to assist in troubleshooting these issues. If these are a firmware issue the information can also be passed on from the support team to the firmware team for future updates.

Great to see you are happy with Spectrum. Enjoy it!