Output Dynamic Range Locked?

Screenshot 2021-10-13 162818

Is limited the proper setting for a monitor? I thought that was for TV’s that use 16-255 range. It is grayed out and I cannot change it.

Mine isn’t grayed out at all and I’m able to click on it. Unfortunately its set to limited only. Your output color depth however you should have been able to set it to 10bit. image

Is there a reason I cannot select 10bit? Only option is 422 at 8bit

Do you use a graphics card below Nvidia 20xx?
Is your monitor connected via DisplayPort ?

I have a 1070, both monitors connected via DisplayPort

I think this would be the same problem you are experiencing. The problem is probably the missing DSC support on 10xy graphics cards.

NZgeek described it here:

You are correct, thank you! I went down to 60Hz and I can choose 444, 10bit. I still cannot change the Output Dynamic Range though, there is no choice for full

Yeah, LoneWolf said the same.
Im not really sure if this is „works as designed“ or a bug.