Other Eves and other Vs

As there was a discussion on how to name the product or if it harms Eve’s brand if talking about the tablet is constantly referred to as “Eve” I thought it could be a fun piece to have a thread of what other related things are out there that it could be refused with.

Why? Because I just stumbled upon a an electric car maker from China that just introduced a new autonomous consumer concept vehicle: NIO EVE

There’s also an online video game called Eve Online:

What brands or products did you stumble across or are you aware of that have the same / a similar name? Anything in the tech area that could cause conflicts maybe?


Eve Online is the first non-sponsored result I get from Googling “Eve”.
P.s. In Incognito mode :grin:

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Our grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-…-mother :pray:

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Technically Eve Tech got a copyright as “Eve technologies” which makes this even more confusing. (Look at bottom of eve-tech page to see)

Or maybe they are the same and they needed research computers that were portable! /s

ein deutscher Elektronik Händler :wink:

This would make a disruptive strategic industrial partnership, wouldn’t it @Konstantinos?


Maybe they could bundle the Eve mattress with a free adult doll named Eve. Haven’t googled this (promise :innocent:) and won’t make a link though, but with all the stuff out there I’m pretty sure one will be named Eve…

But I would seriously reconsider the try-100-days-with-hasslefree-return strategy on this one… haha. :joy:

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@Hellbender, you little pervert, I am sure you did google it :underage:!

Anyway, rereading their catch line, they might have subliminally deviated you by explicitly proposing

That’s some pretty mischievous choice of words… :flushed:

Busted! But I just needed to know. :sweat_smile:
I googled it in an incognito window. Everything will be fine, right?

It’s no product or brand, but I just remembered the great movie Tucker and Dale vs Eve (so great, really). Ash vs Eve is also funny. Although I don’t really get why they are fighting Eve…

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Are you talking about Tucker and Dale vs Evil or is there really another movie? Vs evil was plain awesome :smiley:

Sure I do, and btw a second movie was announced some time ago.

Even the typeface reminds me of Eve. :open_mouth:

V from “V for Vendetta” comes to mind (after whom the Anonymous Masks are modeled)

and his companion Evey, sometimes called Eve

The comic’s theme also fits nicely with the whole “REVOLUTION STARTS WITH YOU” thing …

Maybe this was totally obvious and I’m only just getting it now, but even the artwork bears similarities to some wallpaper I saw earlier :slight_smile:


There was (is?) an adult movie theatre in Montreal called Eve.

This is precisely what I think of when I hear the name “Eve”.

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You’ll really have to call it the “V” or with full name “Eve-V”, because we might soon have an unexpected Eve namesake…


(+1 to @pauliunas, who has been forward thinking all the way :+1: )
((to Community managers… if you can edit this post and trigger the link preview, feel free to do so… I couldn’t :roll_eyes: ))

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