Ossia Cota®: Real Wireless Power receiver

See How Cota Works

Cota is ready. License and incorporate Cota’s technology into your mobile device, industrial and medical equipment, IoT, retail devices, batteries, automotive devices, wearables, and smartphones. Join us in changing the way the world consumes energy.

Interact with the person and devices in the room to see how Cota power follows only the available paths, avoiding people entirely and targeting only the receiver device. The white dotted line shows the beacon signal, initiated by the receiver to find the Cota power transmitter. The transmitter then sends power back, shown by the green dotted line, in the exact paths where the beacon was received. This beacon-power exchange happens 100 x second, allowing you to receive power to all your devices while in motion and at a distance.

My commentary:
From Ossia technology patented license Cota®Transmitter: Real Wireless Power for Eve V2 new wireless power.
No power cord at all at receiver (IoT, laptop, remote control, tablet, smartphone, SetTopBox, camera, etc)


I’ve always dreamed of such a solution. Can’t wait to see it in action, it would be fantastic if we could use this in all our devices someday.

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What about the concerning beta radiation immited?

care, if you say anything against radiation ppl will jump and call you a tinfoil hat.

Hmm seems to be in a concept phase?

The main question would be the amount of power that can be transmitted, from all i remember such technology did never break through as the power you can harvest is tiny.

Interesting is they are using technology to guide the signal, i guess they are using computer model designed micro antennae, that is the interesting stuff.

All in all, if it will not be just a gimmick - like only usable for remote controls and the consume/transmit power ratios will not be silly, this really would be a nice future :slight_smile:

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Cota is proven wireless power that uses radio frequency, much like WiFi, to deliver energy to devices like industrial, retail, and medical equipment, IoT, batteries, automotive sensors, wearables, and smartphones.

That’s from the link, ergo there should be/is no beta radiation. When I read your comment I was questioning their sanity, but after reading the link my mind is put to rest :smiley: