OSD not reporting HDR only reports SDR

Hi All

I have raised a support case for this but the eve support is a bit on the slow side so wondering if others have had this issue

I have 3x ES07D03 monitors all connected to my AMD Radeon RX6800 XT using the same make and model display port cable. I got the cables new for these monitors. I have updated the firmware of the monitors to 104

I have enabled HDR under Windows HD Colour Settings on all monitors two of the monitors in their OSD are reporting HDR and one is reporting SDR.

I can’t seem to get this odd monitor to report HDR in the OSD and it does look slightly duller in colour compared to the other two as if something is not switching on/off properly for the colour space. I can get it to report HDR by disabling Adaptive Sync in the OSD.

Since posting this and the time it has taken to approve this post I can confirm that FW 105 has resolved my issues. The monitor OSD now reports FreeSync Premium Pro when I have HDR enabled in Windows HD Colour Settings and adaptive sync enabled on the monitor and graphics card.

FW105 also fixed my random black out issues when playing games