OSD Menu how i Open it ?

When i press the joystick only This Menu is Show, how i can Open the Full menu?


In order to access the full menu, it needs a video signal from a device such as a PC, console etc.


From memory, this was an issue with firmware on the scaler chip (effectively the monitor’s CPU). For some reason, the makers of the chip didn’t design it so that the menu can be shown when there’s no input signal.

I think it’s being worked on, but I have no idea if we’ll ever see it come through in a firmware update.


yeah, sorry for the late response, my mistake was that with the new MacBooks 4k/120hz do not work and I have must chained the USB-C Datatype to 4k/60hz.

And that was the reason why I do not have a video signal and I do not get access to the full menu.

Other day I have try with HDMI Console (PS5) and I had a video signal and access to the full menu :smiley: