Original Eve V not eligible for Windows 11

Looks like no Windows 11 for Eve V 2017.
This is such a bummer since this computer is only 4 years old.
I don’t think I want to pony up any more $$ for Eve. Between this debacle and the keyboard issues with not much after sales support it’s better to stick with the mainstream brands.

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You can likely install Win 11 by using the script that bypasses the TPM check if that’s the issue. Just Google it.

The upgrade advice from Microsoft indicates that it is the processor that is the issue (which is surprising given it doesn’t have secure boot). Even so, with the TPM bypass registry edit, Windows 11 can be installed on the 2017 V, and generally seems to work OK. See:

Why do we have to do all this workaround on a device that is barely 4 years old is a bit beyond me. But okay. I will try it out in a few weeks. Right now I am glad the Eve V is finally functional now that I have the Brydge 12.3 keyboard attached to it. Still no reply after a week from Eve’s customer service so I am glad I went the eBay route and got the Brydge.

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My keyboard broke too. Which one did you buy, the Brydge 12.3 Pro+?
I still hope there is the possibility to buy a new one from eve rather than some 3rd party, but just in case.

I snagged the 12.3 Pro+ but if you can find the older 12.3 Pro that will work as well and might be cheaper. Or perhaps for Black Friday Brydge might have a deal on their 12.3 Pro+. Good luck.

Eve will sell you a new one for $119+$30 shipping. I thought that was a bit too excessive.