Order Cancellation

Ya I’ve decided to cancel my order today. Going to document everything, and wait the twenty business days and then go straight through my bank. I could use my 1k+ back. Over a year is just ridiculous, shady stuff. The employees and everyone at dough would agree if they bought something like thisand had to wait this long. Unbelievable.


Me again, been a while since my last update. It’s now over a year now since I cancelled my order and as far as I can tell I still haven’t received a refund. Saying that, it’s hard to check because it looks like the account that contained my order status has recently been deleted.

Deleting account of orders that have not been fully resolved is not a good look for Eve / Dough. This whole process has been such a debacle.

Currently waiting on a response from customer support on why this has happened and an update on my year long wait for getting money back from a cancelled order.

Hi there!

As has been mentioned above, no accounts were deleted and all orders are intact. There was an issue with the website which causes the database to shift.

You can either go to intl.dough.tech or eu.dough.tech (if you made your order on EU website). If still no account was found, go ahead and make a new one using the same e-mail. Your list of orders should be populated regardless of whether it is canceled or not.

The site name changed. You need to go to one of the below instead:

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I got a confirmation from dough that my refund has been issued back to my card. It can take 1-3 days for it to show on my account. I’ll confirm here when I see it. After I confirm, I can say honestly, this cancellation process was swift and smooth for me. Hope it is for others too.

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I have been waiting for over a year for my refund, and now am seeing this monitor is available on Amazon for 2 day shipping. How can u get my refund for my canceled order over a year ago?

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I did this, order still didn’t populate.

Still waiting for my refund since June 2022, which was processed and promised.

See that you guys are selling on amazon, i’m guessing you guys have some funds in order.

How bout refunding money that you owe first? Thanks!!


Ah great, now you’re deleting my comments. If you’re going to commit fraud, you should expect your customers to take proper recourse.

To reiterate:
I’ve been waiting almost a year for my refund. Support only ever responds with cookie cutter replies about it still “processing.” Staff here on the forum sent a few assurances, but nothing has ever come of them — and now they won’t reply at all.

And now y’all have the gall to delete my post and resubscribe me to your mailing list. OLED? Amazon? Why don’t you prioritize making things right first. At least the latter won’t work out too well for ya when you fail to deliver…


So I just made an account at Eu.dough.tech, as I originally ordered through the website back in November 2021. I wanted to check what it said about my orders before I trigger a refund request.
I see the original pre-order, where I paid 100€ & and a second order number where it shows the ‘full payment’ order & glossy upgrade.
So what’s weird with what I see there, is the order itself is marked as ‘partially refunded’ which I can only assume is when they decided the glossy upgrade should be less, and we got a small refund of that upgrade price (35€ according to my record).
Where it gets weirder, is that it lists the original matte spectrum & the glossy model as separate items, and the order total adds up to both monitors?! Does anyone else who did the upgrade have it like this?

One other question, when you request a refund, where is the link to do so, or do you have to use the contact form?

Hi there,

Usually it shows as “partially refunded” when only part of the items in the order was refunded. Glossy update fee shows as a separate item in the system, so it might be why. However some orders were made differently and how things are done are a little different now, so I can’t tell your exact situation.

To request a refund, you will have to open a ticket via support. There is no form, you just have to put your request in along with the same e-mail address you made your order with!

I have sent you a DM as well.

Eve / Dough really should have informed their customers of this change via email. Currently the old portal is still working and simply says the account does not exist.

If it wasn’t for continuously checking this frustrated forum page / emailing support I would never have known. Incredibly frustrating.


I’ve been waiting for my refund for almost five years now for the Eve V and haven’t got a single response from support for the last two years… :confused:


I I sent an email to support few weeks ago but no reply.

I’ll try your link and hopefully will not be ghosted.

Very disappointed. the last correspondence was a promise but no I did not get anything.


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Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I am having the same issue. I cancelled in April 2022, and have yet to get my refund. I have two tickets in their customer support system, and no real answers as to when.


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Hoping Eve/Dough finally fulfills their terms and refunds the $200 I put down for two monitors. I have gone through so many chains of emails trying to get the refund with no progress ever being made. It’s pretty unacceptable. I loved the idea of Dough. Refunding me the money would at least allow me to consider Dough to be reputable brand in the future. But at this point I can’t possibly ever purchase anything from Dough ever again. And I have to strongly recommend to all my friends to never consider Dough either.


I’ve been waiting for a refund on my canceled order for over a year now. I’m sending one email per month to support since then, for which I always get the same reply about still processing and not being able to complete the refund now. I do however get marketing emails trying to get me to order from amazon or pre-order new OLED displays.
Baffled by the fact companies like this can exist. The amount of disrespect for customer service is unbelievable.

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What’s the right way to get in touch with Dough these days, anyways? I submitted a contact form on Support – Dough weeks ago with no response. I tried replying to a user feedback request email from back when I received my ES07D03, also with no response.

I need to get in touch now because it looks like Blur Busters isn’t going to be able to do VRR refresh on the monitor after all: Blur Buster Eve Spectrum Strobe Tuning Completion - #103 by BlurBusters

Seeing as that’s the only reason I ordered the monitor in the first place, I need to get back with Dough ASAP and start looking at a refund…

Edit: Forgot to mention that the monitor also developed a stuck pixel in the lower right hand corner a couple of months ago