Order Cancellation

I hope I ever see my money. I think of myself as a “smart” person when comes to scams and internet fraud. But this got me.



Where is this Ponzi company located? Difficult to make research on Google when they keep changing the name of the company. Eve when I made the order in March 2022 and suddenly Dough when asking for a refund.


Here’s an update on my refund:

I never got it and it’s been 62 days since I requested it. I went ahead and filed a claim with my credit card company, and they refunded me the amount. They also reached out EVE/DOUGH for details, to which they never heard back from this fraud company. So I get to keep my money, and DOUGH has officially committed fraud both against me and my credit card company for being delinquent in:

  1. Not providing me with a product I paid for.
  2. Not providing a refund after it was requested.
  3. Not providing details to the CC company in order to recoup the funds my bank lost dealing with this mess.

Peak scam activity, right here.


Wow good to see some people are getting their refunds. It gives me a sliver of hope that I might get mine.

@Aethel would you be able to assist in processing my refund? I cancelled roughly 7 months ago.

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Finally got my refund for the order canceled 10 months ago, have to file a dispute via the card company, well done to the card company for keep pushing Eve after against the chargeback.

@mcsavage @joacimguldskog best is to file a chargeback if you pay by credit card, this way you have more chance to get back the money sooner.


Glad some people getting refunds. Still waiting for mine after cancelling in March 2022 :pensive:

@Cas @Aethel - 10 more days

Ooof. I pre-ordered the OLED last night but then changed my mind a bit later (I have a Spectrum 4k and decided after the impulse decision that I don’t "need’ a new monitor). I did send support a message immediately and I can see the entire cost was charged to my credit card. Am I going to have issues getting a refund?

Hopefully everyone waiting for their refunds will receive in due course… I can’t comment much, but my heart goes out to the customers that are either waiting for their device, or refund beyond what would be expected of a company.

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Well I was patient with the original spectrum 4k, and I’ve generally been happy with it. But after my order I kind of reflected in the numerous usability quirks which I’d rather not have to live with. I just don’t want to have to go to my bank and start drama. I’m waiting on support to respond so will see what happens.

Honestly, the cancellation and refund part should be built into the website. If it’s a manual effort, then yeah definitely, I’m having a minor panic attack.

Thanks Tom @ReignDespair ,

Glad your still in touch … but it’s a weird and odd situation seeing this:

  • Past Employees - Posting their hopes of resolution for Customers
  • Current Employees - No response.

As an update for everyone else here seeking a refund:

I contacted multiple Dough Employees on LinkedIn last friday - Only 1 replied.

(35) DOUGH: Overview | LinkedIn

It was a very senior Finace person and they told me they have contacted support on my behalf.

So let’s see what happens.

In the mean time …

My Purchase Experience - (Updated days on 1st Feb 2023)

EVE Dough Spectrum 280Hz 1440p:

  • Original Order - August 10th 2020 - 905 Days
  • Paid in Full - January 27th 2022 - 370 Days
  • Refund Request - April 7th 2022 - 300 Days

Dell Alienware AW2723DF 280Hz 1440p:

  • Original Order - January 22nd 2023
  • Paid in Full - January 22nd 2023
  • Delivered - January 27th 2023 - 5 Days

Yes, I now own 2 x 280Hz 1440p Monitors! 1 I am still seeking a refund on one of them.

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