Order Cancellation

Where’s the option to DM you?

Hi Cas,

I think you might have missed my original request, so reposting here:

While you’re checking on individual tickets, do you think you could ask why it is there are so many customers being affected by these lengthy delays in obtaining refunds? All that anyone is getting back from support is vague hand waving about ‘mistakes’ which doesn’t really cut it after half a year

Would be lovely if dough could address the root of this issue


Hey there!

This will sound like a repeat, but it is the situation right now:

The question has been raised a couple of times, however in the past, it varied from case to case that no definite answer could be given that could be applied to everyone. Depending on when the payment was done, refunds took longer for some and faster for others. There were refunds given out at certain point, and in fact, there are few canceled orders that the refunds manage to get through.

However, no proper communication was given to us either on why the refund situation is like this. We have no information to share at this point not because we don’t want to, its simply because we dont have anything to share.

I paid by credit card and fortunately my card issuer reimbursed me after a fraud/dispute claim.

I’m still going after Eve/Dough for the refund though.

Refunds on credit cards are trivial. Retailers do it all the time. The fact that Eve/Dough can’t do it means they’re out of funds. We just have to wait until the next batch of “customers” make purchases.

Dear Cas, waiting for a reply since October 6th after I sent you my ticket number


Any updates @Cas / @Aethel - Am I still on your list.

Have you spoken to management about my refund as you mentioned.

It’s been 7 months or 32 weeks …


I’ve been on “hold” for my refund from my pre-order for over a year now. its 100 Euro. They have the details of order and the details of my bank. Everyone on this thread should just blam the other posts that Eve/Dough is not to be trusted.


Why are replies reporting the status (and failure) of refunds being deleted here? I just noticed that several replies were removed today, including my own for the second time. What gives?

Are you trying to cover up evidence of publicly reported fraud? Surely these replies were not breaking any community guidelines by sharing updates on the refund process.


My reply got deleted as well, so sketchy…


My messages on this thread, which don’t break community guidelines, also get removed without any explanation.


As stated by @docmars my comment has been removed… very very sad on your end. I want to receive my refund - it’s not a weird question. You’ve received the money upfront a good 3 months ago and have done nothing with it. Return us our money!


Hey everyone,

Posts are removed at the discretion of the moderator. If your post was removed, you can always reach out to one of the community managers for further explanation if they did not already inform you of the reasoning. Here is a link to the community guidelines as well as it can be found in our header on the homepage of the forums. Posts are not removed to “cover up” anything as this topic as a whole is proof of that. As stated before, we on the community understand your frustration on the matter, and rightfully so but we still must uphold the community guidelines.

@Aethel Could you give us an indication wat your process time is for the backlog on refunds?

Hi @Cas,

I am still waiting for my refund ist now 6 months ago and I used a Credit Card.

Please bei so kind to inform the Team which ist in Charge of the refund that I clearly stated 06th of December as a Deadline in my Last Mail otherwise I will hand over this case to my lawyer and please be aware that in accordance to German law I can and will claim late payment interest.

Original Post 312:

" Hi,

I canceled my order and got my confirmation from the EVE support team on July 06th, 20 working days have passed a long time ago. I still don’t have my money back; I checked my Visa Card account several times, and I am still missing my refund.

I am quite frustrated about this refund process and from my point of view it’s not very professional. You clearly stated “within 20 working days” as the expected timeline for the refund. This is a commitment towards your customer so please progress the refund as soon as possible and meet your commitments. New name, old behavior.

Summarizing the facts:

  • Confirmation of order cancellation communicated by EVE customer service on July 06th
  • EVE customer service clearly communicated that the refund will be processed within 20 working days
  • Until today (October 17th) I did not receive my refund.
  • I was asking for an update regarding my refund however no satisfying answer was provided. The answer is basically everytime the same, no clear timeline or commitment given.

@Cas I already send you my information etc. unfortunately the feedback is the neverending bla bla. I will fill out the"EU Online Dispute Resolution" as well.

And by the way please read your “Terms and Conditions” ob your website … It clearly says 20 working days for the refund"