Order Cancellation

on my side still the same, since 26.05. waiting for my refund, so many mails and nothing has happened, what a dissapointment

Nope. I keep forgetting about this nightmare, then I get a message from my credit card company.

I requested my refund early June and nothing so far

Can those who have received a full refund recently please post and let us all know on here. I requested my refund early June and nothing. Worried if Im going to get my money back. I’ve sent numerous amounts of emails and keep getting same reply back that they will let me know when I will be refunded.

you told me to message you a long time ago… I messaged you on July 6th and you never responded. eve now Dough… had there support tell me twice in a row to wait 20 days for a refund since I was done waiting for the monitor… well after the second 20 days expired I asked where my money was, I was ignored… I filed a charge back with the credit card company and then Dough disputes it … this company based on this experience and what eve before makes me believe its all a scam…

Hey there,

It might be possible that it got overlooked by mistake, since we are receiving a lot of inquiries. You can please also DM me your order number so I can follow it up for you.

I sent you a DM. I am hoping something happens now but since I had messaged a Dough community guy who ask to do the same thing back in July not going to hold my breath.

I gave up emailing support after they began ignoring me after I asked where my refund was for the 2 second time after it was the second time they told I must wait 20 business days after the first 20 had elapsed.

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Hey @ko260

My apologies! I did overlook the message and I am sorry about that as it was not my intentions to ignore you! I went back and located the message and as Cas has done will provide your order ID to the team to look into resolving for you!

Did we all get “overlooked”? Mine was from June

Has anyone at all gotten a refund? Would give me some hope to learn that someone actually did get their money back.


I am so tired of waiting and not getting responses from any support members about any updates. We cancelled our orders. It should not take months to give people their money back. Their money they chose to spend with you and you didnt deliver. Again, community managers dont control this, we get it. But we arent getting responses from anyone. No superiors see this? No one? This is insane.


You are assuming they have money to give back. It’s not at all clear they do. When ever I post details on either what their situation is or could be, my posts get deleted.

I’m not going to waste my time typing another response to have it be deleted. At this point, be grateful that there appear to be employees and hope they are getting paid.


They say they guarantee refunds, but I don’t know what makes them so sure.
They can always get away with it, just like the company name was abruptly changed. If they don’t refund for a few years and dough goes bankrupt or runs away in the night, then we will really lose our money.
It even feels like it is almost there.


my bank is siding with me in the preliminary. After having waited 20+ days and several emails, that was all the proof my bank needed to start an official dispute


Have waited 6 months for a stand ! Now i ask to be refund they agreed in less than 24h, still no refund. 2weeks waiting, i hope i don’t have to wait another 6 months !


Yeqh… good luck

I’m still waiting for a QUERY 2 months down the line just to see whether I’ll be refunded the shipping cost of an object I’ll never receive.

If shipping is non refundable then they’re doing quite a profit off us :slight_smile:

I paid in full nov 17th 2021. requested my refund June and nothing so far. I paid with my bank card not credit card. Will my bank be able to start an official dispute do you know?

Hi! I haven’t had much luck contacting Dough’s support via email about my order’s cancellation. Is this a better channel of communication?

Hi there!

First of all, welcome to the community!

We certainly can help you to connect to support about your order. Feel free to send me a DM with your order number so I can follow it up accordingly :slight_smile: