Order Cancellation

I cancelled my pre orders back on April 4th and the support team has been continuously stringing me along saying “just wait a few more days” or “next week, thanks for your patience”. It’s now been over a month since my orders were cancelled, how does a refund take this long to process? One excuse was because of how long ago I pre ordered, why is that my problem? That is never a valid excuse and is a business problem on Eves end, not my own.

It’s like pulling teeth to have waited 2 years for the product (and it sounds like people are still waiting) and they don’t stop the teeth pulling there either.

I’ve informed Eve that I’ll be contacting the better business bureau to file a report if I still haven’t received my refund in these next couple days.

Is anyone else having issues receiving their refunds or am I just this unlucky dealing with this company?


Definitely not just you @GrizzlyGriggs . Im not seeing any positive response on the forums recently. It appears everyone is waiting for something and getting the same BS responses. Im still waiting for a 4k matte monitor that i pre-ordered in March 2020.

Worried about starting a refund for the very reason your post described above.

Im kicking myself constantly for giving them my money, so upset!


I’ve asked for a refund in January and am still awaiting any money to come into my account. This is beyond unacceptable. This has nothing to do with Ukraine or China. This has to do with they have spent all their money and now don’t have anything to give anyone. I wouldn’t mind it if I got my monitors instead of the refund but I fear I’ll get neither. And I backed them 2 years ago. This is how they treat customers who backed them and helped them at the start.

If you can, apply for a refund through SHOP, which is the shopping platform they use. Make sure they do not cancel your order and mark it as “Partly refunded” else you will have a long time waiting for a refund like me.


I just heard back and after telling me I would have my refund by the end of April, then telling me it would be the end of May (hello, here we are and I still don’t have my refund). They’re now saying it’s been “delayed beyond the normal timeline”… What? They didn’t even give me an updated timeframe for when I would receive my refund. What the heck is going on with this company? Do they not have the money to give refunds? Just about weekly I’ve emailed them inquiring on the status of my refund and they just now decided to update me on this imaginary timeline that has been yet again delayed.

I should’ve researched this company more thoroughly before giving them money/metrics. They had these exact same problems with their tablet/laptop device. People to this day are still seeking refunds for that product. I don’t understand how they’re still in business.

I told them if I don’t receive my refund in the next couple days I’m going to seek other avenues in order to get my money back. Such as filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau, and the Department of Consumer Affairs. I’ll also be speaking to my credit union to see what help/options they can give me in dealing with this fraudulent company.


“Cancel and move on” tons of people here have and even then you’re waiting literal months to receive your refund. I’ve already waited over a month since cancellation and still haven’t gotten my refund. Their update to me after I kept up tabs on the status of my refund? “The timeline has been delayed beyond the normal timeframe”, they can’t even give proper refunds to their backers. An excuse they used was that since I backed them over 2 years ago the payment system/institution they use refuses to give back said money. How is any of that my problem as the consumer?

I have patience for over 2 years and Eve Devices never delivered. Now they’re using the same practices to not give out rightfully deserved refunds to those that request them.

Why ask for full payments back in January when those that still have active orders aren’t gonna see it til the end of this year? And let’s be honest it’ll most likely get delayed again and they’ll still have the full payments of the consumers that trusted this awful company.

I’d love to move on but I’m still waiting on close to $800 back in my bank account from these people.


Yea I don’t understand their refund process either. They really try to make it difficult in hopes you just keep your pre order or not bother to continue seeking said refund.

You just give the money back to the original payment method, end of story. No excuse for how long these refunds are taking. Absolutely criminal.

@ReignDespair @Cas are you going to provide an update? You have to be seeing this negative feedback. What the hell is going on at Eve, June 1st is tomorrow. I know you all speak of shipping the Glossey then, what about our matte monitors and those who requested refunds?

Get with the higher ups and give us some real genuine details. At this point we dont want apologies or hopes, just results! Come on, we’re paying customers entitled to information or a product which you promised and we supported.

Give us some updates…please!


THIS!! @ReignDespair we understand that you don’t manage the finance, however we do need details on where our money actually is. Or someone from the company needs to be CLEAR CUT and tell us that the company actually doesn’t have our money any more.


What is this @Cas, why was or post moved here.

If you were able to move us means your active, so im assuming there’s no update on the shipping of my 4K matte monitor?

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Hi @Redman11,

I moved it so we can have a dedicated topic for this and not on the development topic. Of course, the team and I read all the feedback and we realise this situation is less than ideal.

I completely understand the situation you guys are going through. Unfortunately, I do not have any updates on shipping. We are just as frustrated as you guys are when it comes to this. We do want the monitors delivered as much as you guys do.

This just feels like the conversation is getting swept under the rug.


Same issue here. Paid in full, canceled in mid-March. Was told 20 business days. Right now looking at around 50. Have been told by the end of this month for a long time now, and I’m sure next month I’ll be told the end of next month.


I just got a balance payment email for monitors I didn’t even order (4k models)… Why?

It sounds like they want refunds mate, not the monitor delivered

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Yea agreed, I want my refund. I’m not worried about monitors being delivered. I cancelled back on April 4th, no good explanation as to why it takes this long to give folks their money back.

You are definitely not alone on the whole Cancelation Tricky Game

My timeline:
Purchased on May 13.
Canceled on Apr 3.
Now? Jun 2. No refund back at all.

Contacting them clearly is not the solution, I commented under their social media posts, and I will keep posting so until I get my refund back.

And how funny I got this email today.
Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 1.21.43 AM

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You’re not alone…
I’m waiting for my refund OVER 45 days :)))

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I have already waited 65 days.
Rather, no consumer has received a refund?


I haven´t either gotten my money back (waited since April) and this really starts to feel like a scam. Probably gonna report Eve to officials so others don´t have to lose their money to Eve Devices


@goresnet, @Samaa, @spis, @discoStar, @Hanlin_Mu, and anyone else who has been waiting for a refund for over a month at this point:

First off, I want to welcome all of you guys to the EVE community,

Could you guys shoot me your Order numbers via DM so I can pass it onto support and have them send you an update via email?