Opinion-leader wants to support the V - Loan him a prototype for a few days?

Hi guys!

So, out of the blue, we got a request from a well-known YouTuber, who many of you know, and follow. Soon you will know his name (he nor we want to spoil the upcoming surprise).
Anyhow, he likes the V and especially the dough.community aspect of it :thumbsup:

And he realizes that the V needs more exposure: Too many people have not heard of it! And so they might be going for other devices, even when the V would fit them the best!

He wants to prevent this. And to do this, he would like to do a short piece on the V. Something to show that the V exists, and what it’s all about. For this, he very politely asked if there would be a prototype somewhere that he could loan for a few days and then return it. To have something a bit more concrete to show the folks on the video. (And no, he will not confuse a perfectly unfinished and lacking prototype for the actual final V, but he doesn’t either want to just wave hands)

We took a look around, and there is one prototype, which could be shipped in the next couple of days. And we have always valued that if

  1. person approaches us in kind manner and suggest something new and interesting, a unique proposal
  2. it comes to as almost no effort, and takes nothing away from others
  3. the person is passionate about this cause, and
  4. this is an obvious benefit for all V people and Eve family
    = We should answer with a yes.

    BUT! As you know, community is on the top! And if the prototype is sent, there should be no confusion that a press member has gotten hands on final V unit, before anyone else. This isn’t the case here, just like it’s not on This WindowsCentral or This Laptopmag article. So we want to give the decision making to you, and to make sure there is no misunderstanding:

    (It will not be a review, a look at final product, or complaining about the obvious lacks in the prototype)
  • Yes, let the people know about V!
  • Absolutely not.

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Now let’s let others know?

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I want Eve to be successful as a company so that we will be able to keep building more devices in the future. I totally agree with the proposal. And if this guy is who I think he is, a proper video review/preview with all the correct information about V and the story about the community shown to his 4m tech savvy subscriber can definitively benefit Eve.


I think it is not that guy as he already checked the V out at Computex (video is coming soon i think) :slight_smile:


(Personal opinion here)

So, since I’m not off the official opinion shackles, here are my 2 cents on the topic! :slight_smile:

As that “Opinion Leader” wants to do nothing that reviews the V, and we’re not sending him any final hardware the original promise @Konstantinos gave that no youtuber/press outlet would get “review units” (meaning final hardware for me) before we shipped the first batch is still upheld in my opinion.

I think it’s similiar to what we’re now having with Computex to give various people and influencers the chance to get their hands on the V so more people can hear about it.
And I know from internal sources that the opinion-leader did not have a chance to check out the V at Computex (yet?) so as he asked nicely, I think letting him have a shot is cool :slight_smile:


I saw that tweet also, but I still think one that was intrigued by Eve V might want to do a more in-depth video.

Anyway, I think this is the right timing for Eve and V to get more exposure. So as along as he/she is a trust worthy youtuber than my answer will still be Yes.

Sure but as said, not before Hyper Early birds have received their device.

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What tweet?

The majority of the prototypes that were sent out have had problems. If a prototype is sent to this individual, you would need to make sure that the prototype has been thoroughly tested beforehand and that the individual is warned of the necessary caveats of it being a prototype.

Personally I would prefer prototypes to go to prototype testers so they can continue to test the machine and look for issues (there hasn’t been a prototype update for weeks), but if that’s no longer happening, then I don’t see a problem with someone in the press getting one.


Before i vote: @riku
Why especially him? I’m sure, that there are many persons out there wanting a proto to get their hands on. It’s not the thing itself but others might get pissed not also getting their hands on. That might cause the opposite than having a benefit out of it.


Don’t really think there are any tests for.peototypes anymore as the manufacturing should already be on going.


Hey, as long as we get attention and exposure, I’m all for it.


To be perfectly honest, I’m very torn about this idea. Specifically, I want this person to get the final hardware - if he’s that influential, what’s the benefit in giving him a prototype that had bugs and possibly some mistakes in hand assembly and not a presumably final production assembled hardware from Computex? What’s the story he tells? If I recall correctly the prototypes had slight keyboard issues / magnets / differences in cooling. Why not give him access to DVT1 to 3 as well - and the story he tells is how involved the community was in squashing bugs until final hardware? I voted yes in the poll - but I wanna hear suggestions from everybody on how to improve this idea if any :slight_smile:

Edit: If this person can post his impressions of final hardware from just his impressions at Computex alone (1 day with Eve team after the show is over maybe?), then that could be an acceptable compromise for members here who are opposed to the idea of reviewers getting units before hyper early birds.


Good point. That is basically what he asked and by the sound of it, prototype will do.

That is basically due to the 4 point checklist in the OP: While we want to serve everyone the best way possible, we can’t do everything. He was first to ask and this looks like something that is good to try out. So in short: because he reached out and asked.


My understanding is this would be more of a

“Hey, check out this really cool product that you probably haven’t heard of that I’m holding. Its not out just yet, but is close to release; this is one of the prototypes and check out how cool it is/looks; here’s some of the features/specs; keep an eye out for it, because this may be a great device for you.”

If that would be the case, I think this would be a great opportunity for Eve to get some (minimal cost/effort) publicity with someone and their followers. The prototype would be more about “Hey this isn’t a vaporware KickStarter project, this is really happening” type of thing, and so a final device isn’t necessary (though I assume once everything gets shipped, he will be one of the ones to get a review unit for an actual review).


Yes, I also understood it roughly this way. And I would fully support that, as it gives a lot of publicity.
For an in-depth review there should be no prototype used, but a final device (which he will get at a later point in time).

Just to keep in mind: One should agree with him on the depth of this “showcasing”, so it does not get a half way review. Just mentioning it, I’m confident you are seeing that similarly @riku .

So given those circumstances, my vote is a YES.


I dare to add: V also needs more quality exposure. Articles that popped out these days (link to relevant topic about Compuex coverage) were exciting and very good in rising awareness about V, however I feel many of them still conveyed a little diffidence toward Eve - I think mostly because of its “humble” origin as a crowd-sourced project (maybe partially understandably because of other crowdfunding projects failing badly…).


Did any of you noticed that quirky definition? - I personally don’t mind it at all, quirky is actually good in my book if opposed to mainstream and conventional… however I doubt V was labelled like that or in similar ways to make it more attractive…

Some of the articles even spread incorrect details about pricing and/or specs (I read people comments on an Italian forum commenting negatively about the top model reportedly costing “around €2.000”, while official price hasn’t even been revealed yet!). In many cases this was probably because authors were actually covering dozens of topics from Computex, dedicating only minutes and little attention to each article…

Therefore, I am all in favour of a more in depth, quality hands-on with a V prototype by a strong and competent influencer that Team feel they can trust. Something that gives prime time to “the baby”, highlighting its strengths and winning more hearts and minds.
I am truly convinced that this will not impact negatively delivery time, nor distract Team from their endeavour to deliver the V to Hyper/Early backers as soon as they possibly can… On the contrary, more coverage will arise Eve stakes to succeed, which in turn will benefit all V users.

GO FOR IT! :+1:


I think a proto is a proto with all its bugs. And I also think that everyone of the supporters should have the same rights so what to do with the second third fourth… askers. Should they all get a proto to test then? My opinion is all or none. The good press will come for sure. Especially when the supporters will get a perfect sample.


Yeah that “quirky” part bugged me too. Even though it is “quirky” in a way, it is an endearing kind of quirky, not a weird kind of quirky.

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Because of this, I am in favor. Watching the coverage, I’ve been very disappointed about how much incorrect information has been spread around. I think it’s both important and urgent to have some solid, fact-based coverage pre-release. Based on the 4 criteria, this person is a special case deserving special treatment.

I will echo the concern of @thedrawer

Has this been thought through as a possible risk and how to mitigate it?