Open source the firmware

The major issue I’m seeing with my Eve monitor is that the firmware is riddled with bugs. Especially 104 and there hasn’t been a release in months. Really we should have nightly builds and stable builds at least once a month.

I’m guessing the reason this hasn’t happened is man power to setup the infrastructure for such a thing to happen and to also update the firmware.

The only way out of this situation that I can see is to open source the firmware on Github which would at least allow us to help you fix issues more readily. Sure create a lib containing all the sensitive/NDA parts but open source the rest.

GitHub also has affiliate sites like Gitlab to help with nightly builds and automated testing etc. Having someone your end take community changes and give them an eye ball is all that’s really needed.

It’d also be a distinct advantage over your competition.


From what I’ve understood the firmware is handled by a third party, I guess they probably have other clients and priorities.

Do you or others in the Eve Spectrum community have the skills to work on the firmware?

Yes on the presumption it’s C/C++ code (and can probably work it out if not).

I’ve been an embedded engineer in the past and currently work as a gfx engineer, 20+ years experience.

I’m guessing it hasn’t got an FPGA inside it.


There’s been plenty of discussion around this in the past.

In short, the limitation here is one of the hardware partners (I think the scaler vendor) who’s being extremely secretive with their intellectual property. They don’t want any of their code to be released, even if it’s wrapped in an interface layer and we only deal with that layer (headers and libs for linking).

Up until getting that answer, Eve were certainly interested in opening up the firmware. If it was possible, it might have been a good way for the community to help work out some of the many issues that are happening.


Considering how many issues and limitations we have with this scalar, I think it was a poor choice for Eve to go with.


I’m pretty sure it was a company that made scalers for older HDMI versions, and Eve got a good deal by helping them to develop their HDMI 2.1 scaler.

But given all of the issues that have been caused by the scaler and it not really being tested… I certainly would have paid more for something that was a lot more stable.