"Oops!" has fallen

Hi eve community,

Yesterday got an issue with my backspace button… oops!


I try few things to repair it. It seems the butterfly part (white plastic thing under the key) doesn’t stay in place. I sent email to eve support but they are not very reactive.

I was wondering if someone had the issue and if they were able to find a fix.

Thank pals.


The latches ontn the mechanism looks ok. I think u just need to press it back in.

Your photo is pretty good and I cannot see anything broken.

However, is the underside of the Oops! keycap also intact?

If everything seems to be intact, then try aligning the keycap to its place and press - firmly, left and right edges.


The keycap should snap in place.

It is possible that the keycap hasn’t been pressed correctly in place in assembly and hence it became detached.


Probably its better if you photograph the underside of the key and the switch on the keyboard side, so we could eyeball if theyre still intact.


Good morning everyone,

Thankyou your help.

The white butterfly seems to be holding into the key.


When I put everything in place. The key doesn’t hold properly. the bottom of it stay “up”


My assessment is the white butterfly doesn’t hold in place on the keyboard.

As far as I know, it’s very difficult to assemble it that way i.e. attach the scissor mechanism to the keycap and then press in place.

The scissor mechanism is first assembled to the keyboard and the keycap is then pressed to snap on the scissor mechanism.

If you look closely the keyboard without the scissor mechanism and keycap, you’ll notice small metal right angled hooks that keep the scissor mechanism in place.

It’s past midnight now in here, so I’ll have to get back to you tomorrow with assembly instructions. Let me know if you manage to figure it out yourself.

P.S. Be careful detaching the scissor mechanism from the keycap as the pins are fragile. Probably best to pry the scissor mechanism from the middle…


Hi @mirv,

Thanks for your help. It seems the scissor mechanism is not hooking to the small metal thing. That could explain why the key is not holding.


I was wondering @Konstantinos could send me a new scissor mechanism :slight_smile:

Hello @Grabault,

You’ve managed to get almost there… A bit difficult to tell from your pic, but you may have put the scissor mechanism upside down… If so, then that’s just a minor error and no worries - as long as the little pins on the scissor mechanism are intact.

(Please note that all right and left directions are based on the orientation shown in the pictures.)


Here’s how the little hooklike tabs look without the scissor mechanism. Notice that the hooks are deeper on the righthand side in the picture.


This pic shows the correct orientation of the scissor mechanism.


This pic shows also the underside of the Oops! keycap. Notice that the righthand side plastic clips are also hooklike.


In this pic the scissor mechanism is hooked to the righthand side hooks and the lefthand side isn’t yet in correct position.

It is advisable to push the scissor mechanism towards the left before trying to hook the pins under the lefthand side hooks.


In this pic you’ll see the scissor mechanism attached correctly. The little pin is just visible under the lefthand side hook.

Now it’s relatively easy to insert the keycap in its place. It is preferable to try to hook the righthand side scissor mechanism pins under the keycap hooks. I.e. insert the keycap from left to right. And when the righthand side pins are hooked up, then just press and snap the keycap lefthand side into the scissor mechanism pins.

Or just simply snap the keycap in its place. Never mind trying to hook the righthand side pins. Has worked in the past for me, but there is a possibility of snapping a pin or two off.


Hope this helps.

If you get stuck (or something is broken), then I can send you an Oops! keycap and scissor mechanism (from a dismantled prototype keyboard).

Just send me a (private) message with your name and address (click on your icon and then click on the envelope).


Hi @mirv,

Once again thank you.

My scissor is broken at the bottom.

Your picture:

My scissor:

The tiny plastic thing are not there. That could explain the key not holding in place.