OnePlus 5T NYC Launch Event - a case of how OP marketing team F...KED up in communicating management's intent

Thanks to @inffy we have just discovered that OP marketing team completely failed at communicating the messaging and tone intended by the OP management team! Unfortunately this is all too common to see those “we know everything better” marketing teams that have this itching urge to control and intervene in every PR effort just to justify their existence and value for the company to keep charging $$$. And sadly as a company you end up with a lot of overdone, confusing, but good looking and designed with all latest trends in mind crap that costs a little fortune and sometimes a lot of frustration and bad press…

This what this event was meant to be:

And this is how it was communicated on official channels…

OnePlus team is known for their not so ordinary marketing stunts in the past.
Some of them played better than others…
So here comes another twist from the OnePlus team, on Nov 16th if you happen to be in NYC and you don’t mind buying a $40 ticket, you would be able to attend a live unveiling and and hands-on event. Typically such events are free to attend, unless they are organised as a part of some major trade show, such as Computex (which btw is actually free to attend).

Here is the short take on the reasoning from the OnePlus team:

General Admission includes:

  • Reserved seating
  • A swag bag upon check-in (includes: OnePlus Travel Backpack, OnePlus Hoodie, OnePlus Baseball Cap)
  • The earliest hands-on experience with the new OnePlus 5T
  • Snacks and drinks
  • A fun time with Pete, Carl, and the OnePlus team

Please note:

  • Ticket sale proceeds will go to help the advancement of tech innovation.
  • We strongly recommend you to read through the FAQs for more details.

Why does this event cost $40 to attend?
Although we want to include as many fans as possible, there will be limited seats available. Charging for admission helps us get an accurate head count of who will attend on the big day. Ticket sale proceeds will go to help the advancement of tech innovation.

The complete listing of the event can be found here: OnePlus 5T NYC Launch Event

Would you buy a ticket if you were in NYC?

  • Yes, I would you buy a ticket for OnePlus 5T launch event if I was in NYC?
  • No, because I am not interested ticketed launch events
  • No, because I am not interested in OnePlus

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  • Please share in the comments what do you think about this event?
  • Would you want EVE to host similar events for V? If yes, what would you suggest EVE do different for our events?

Thats a definite no. Paying money to get my hands on a device that Im not going to get sounds like a waste of money. Its not like Im allowed to use it for a day or so anyway, so I couldn’t even try the full experience for my daily life. I mean, for a hands-on experience, you can even go test drive a Ferrari for free.

PS: A poll would be great for this kind of post


Haha, I was making it as you posted :slight_smile:
Great minds think alike :yum:


I wouldn’t mind if I was in the city already. Being disabled and living in the Desert Southwest USA, events in the east are tough. And airline tix within the US are expensive. If I knew there might be an interesting product and limited entry, $40 to me is not a large sum of money to pay.
It cost me $25 for my son and I to have dinner at a fast food place now!

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$25!!! What fast food place do you go to? (sorry for off-topic)

I didn’t vote because while I would love to go to an event like this, I don’t think the $40 bucks would be worth it. Though it sounds like a lot of that may be to help cover the cost of the stuff they are giving attendees. I think it would be great if Eve did an event like this, except lower the cost to no more than $10 bucks. I’m ok with not getting a baseball hat in return. It’ll probably payoff for the company anyway with the word of mouth marketing it’ll generate.

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I personally prefer to have meetups like the one we had for the prototype testers earlier. It feels more community-ish to me.


Just replying since we were discussing the $40 projected event entry fee so I don’t think we are off topic.
$25 is Taco Hell (is there some infringement issue for me?). Remember we have mandatory minimum wages and most fast food places here start wages at $11 per hour. Especially if the event had some snacks and beverages at the minimum, is why I stated that $40 probably wouldn’t bother me much.
p.s. My wife now has more ammunition now to limit me going out to eat junk food!

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I live in Washington state, we have one of the highest minimum wages in the nation and $6.50 gets me enough Taco Hell to make me feel stuffed for about 14 hours :joy:

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The ticket also hets you a 40dollar coupon for the 5T so i think its a good deal as you get the coupon and get the sevice cheaper, the swag pack. Also as the proceeeinga will go to charity i wouldnt mind the 40dollar price


OK that’s quite a big omission from the op! If I was in the market for a OP5T then I would go. Free goodies essentially and meet the team which is cool


Could you possibly point to the source for this? I cannot seem to find any official info on the $40 coupon. Also does it sound to you “Ticket sale proceeds will go to help the advancement of tech innovation” the same as promising that proceeds would be donated to a charity? It feels that OP team created some confusion that could have been avoided.

Can be found here:

Order the OnePlus 5T first. You’ll have the chance to order your OnePlus 5T before anyone else in the world and and receive 40 USD off your order.

Experience the OnePlus 5T. Join us at our experience zone right after the show. Not only will you able to go hands-on with our latest flagship, you’ll also be able to share your thoughts with some of the biggest names in tech, and immerse yourself in experiences like no other

Swag galore. As a way of saying thank you, we’re also giving all attendees an exclusive swag bag containing some of the latest OnePlus gear. The swag bag contains: OnePlus Travel Backpack (Morandi Gray or Space Black), OnePlus Hoodie, OnePlus Cap, OnePlus Sticker Set, and a OnePlus Notebook.This event is not about us, it’s about sharing the latest OnePlus news with the people to whom it matters most. That’s why we’re donating all ticket proceeds. We look forward to seeing you all there.


They also throw in a free backdoor exploit with every phone purchase!

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Wow all of the sudden a cheesy marketing flick looks that much better, like in a genuine effort to have a good time. :open_mouth:
That is certainly not the coverage it has been getting. OP marketing team needs to do a much better job coordinating their messaging and tone to what the management team really intends. Unfortunately this is way too common to have those leeching “know it all” marketing teams that have this itching urge to control and intervene in every PR effort just to justify their existence and value for the company to keep their $$$ line running. And then as a company you end up with a lot of overdone, confusing, but good looking and designed with all latest trends in mind crap that cost the company a little fortune… Kind of miss the early days of OP, things were simpler and that certainly helped keep those prices amazing. Hopefully @Team of EVE won’t ever fall into a similar trap.
@inffy Thanks again for this conversation and for digging up the info

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That is the normal problem with media, which sometimes try to cut corners especially when OP is talked about.

But also OP is to blame, as the first time they announced that, they really didnt tell about what the 40dollars will het you.

Before you sent us the link to Carl’s post, going by the OP homepage and Eventbrite official info, it is hard to blame media for thinking the way they were, as I was thinking the same way myself. So I would say it is not just a little to blame OP, it is fully their fault and they need to kick some ass internally for letting this slip the way it did.

Sorry I made a poo poo and was supposed to write “OP is to blame” :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, uh, uh lat us say it like this: “Other conclusions are possible too” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds like a PR stunt to raise money for executives.
Honestly, the whole idea sounds ridiculous.

Also, I wouldn’t buy OnePlus anymore because I understand who is really building the device, and how little they care about customers. They care more about obtaining customer information.

OnePlus will never come into this house nor will I let anyone I know buy one.

Spyware ridden and now with added “Oops we ‘forgot’ this engineering app here”.