One Year With V

I received my V i7 in Feb 2018. I have had absolutely no issues the computer. The stylus was a disappointment. I replaced my stylus with a Microsoft stylus model 1776 which works just fine. I also have a Microsoft Arch Mouse I use with it also. I still believe that the Eve V i7 is the best buy on the market even today. I was recently in BB and looked at the top of the line Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is about $300 more than what I paid for my Eve V i7 in December 2016. The Surface does NOT have a Thunderbolt 3 port.


@TristanSchaaf This might tempt you to buy one :wink:

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I own TWO Eve V i7 tablets. One is mine and my wife has the other.

I am more curious to what she has to say about the V :wink:
Could you be kind enough to ask her?
Please :blush:
Women have a keen eye for details…

She is more into social media and as long as she can read her email and get on Facebook she is happy. She is very happy with her Eve.


Very thoughtfull: it certainly keeps peace in the marriage :grin:


how do u use your V? what are your thoughts about the keyboard?

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She is more into social media and as long as she can read her email and get on Facebook she is happy

This is what the i7 is for… :smiley:

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Wow. Feb 2018, you say. I wish that my partner and I received our V tablets back then.

April 2019 and still no money back so that we can buy something.

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Probably more about the storage. But honestly i7 vs i3 in the y series is pretty unspectacular anyways.

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I’m surprised with Eve V TB3 too. Recently bought a USB C to Display Port so that I can connect Eve V to my Widescreen monitor. It runs at full resolution at 3440x1440 at 120Hz. That’s the moment you realized that TB3 is so important nowadays. It can really do a lot of things with one single port.

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I’m not satisfied at all. I don’t know, may be It’s because I had V and kb been replaced 2 times already (I was quite surprised when they replaced V the second time though). But when another kb started misbehaving in may (I got my V in Dec and got it replaced in Jan and in April) support was asking me to send videos of malfunctions few times but only promised to replace and instructed to wait. I stopped using V in July I think. It became unbearable at that time. Later kb died completely. Now I have a freaki’n expensive windows tablet. What else can I say. I am not satisfied.
My guess now that they stopped helping my case since I have bad record of V’s and kb’s dying for no reason. But it would be nice of them to tell me straight that I am no longer welcome here. What the do not. And I keep hoping to solve this case somehow without escalating this case to our consumer protection thing.


I just couldn’t agreed more. The keyboard ruins the experience. It looks dope but it doesn’t do a decent job. Problems like input delay is huge when using it wirelessly, Shift key plus arrow keys do not work together, and many more are so annoying.


Can you tell me the diffrence using eve v stlus and microsoft one. i am tempted to get the microsoft one. but dunno the significant difference

Hedge, The MS Pen is not cheap. $99 USD.

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I do agree that using the keyboard via BT isn’t ideal and there are some problems but overall my experience with it has been good. I wouldn’t accept the same issues in a newer model but I’m happy considering what I paid and that it was Eve’s first attempt and making this type of device that could disrupt the norms in the market.

I thought to have sent you apost yesterday, apparently it is lost somewhere in cyberspace . . . .
My replacement keyboard arrived after leavig for Gabon, I’ll find it when back in Europe around June. The BT keyboard I bought does its job ok.
So what about buying a cheapo BT keyboard for the time being ?

I’ve found the only bt kb that could work, but it’s not a cheap solution. Anything that have trackpad is not cheap… At least here in Latvia. 40 euro is not a cheapo kb in my taste.

You may use a mouse to keep going without a touchpad? Or, use the onscreen trackpad if a mouse alone is not enough?

Verzonden vanaf mijn Windows 10-apparaat
special pric USD 0.89 :crazy_face:
No indication about sturdiness, but not abig risk for that amount of money. :hugs: