One year with my V in daily business use! Ask me what you want to know about my V!

Some days before Christmas 2017 I recieved my hyper early bird V i7 with 512GB 16GB RAM and german keyboard layout. The accessories I ordered (sleeve and cable) were inside the package and I was very happy to unbox it from the really great packaging…

The V was supposed to replace my Surface Pro 3 i5 256GB 8GB RAM which was also in daily use in my business (I’m working as a self-employed Consultant for Stone Conservation and Preservation of historical Buildings). I don’t have any other computer. Just a 2in1 and a screen on my desk. I love it to have all my data everytime available with me, even when I’m out of mobile connections.
6 months before delivery of the V I ordered a HP enyv 34’ curved display with USB-C power delivery.
I plugged the original hp- USB-C cable into the TB3 port of the V and it worked perfectly together with my V. So I can have a screen connection and a power supply by just on cable…
To improve my usecase with lot of writing expert reports in word, making digital damage mappings with a special CAD program and using special bidding software I build a special VESA mount for my V. After using it for half a year now, everything is fine with.
IMG_20181211_220359 IMG_20181211_220431
and so my V is in daily use inside the office and outside with me on construction sites like this with a rugged case for a SP3 I cutted to fit the V:

I had never problems with my V except with the keyboard. I use it very rarely but once two keycaps broke off but support was able to send me new ones with new scissors very fast. I replaced them and good. Sometimes the pogo pins fail to fit to the connector and I have to try again, but I get used to use my MS keybord in the office and a MS foldable keyboard in meetings outside etc, so I don’t need the V keyboard often…

It’s the same with the V pen. I never used it and gave it to another V owner because he lost his. I used to use my SP4 pen and it is working perfectly with the V.

The V itself looks quite used now because I need it for work, not for caressing it. But besides some little scratches and some spots on the screen coating it is working so smooth and fast without any software problems that I would never buy another hardware. My main problem is dust. I hate those fans who suck dust into my device. The V is silent and I don’t have to care about dust and dirt on construction sites…

If you have questions what I should tell you about my V … please ask…


It’s great to see some real use cases of V owners, thank you for that :slightly_smiling_face:

How is the battery life now after 1 year?

And what about the kickstand? Is it still good despite being used as a support in the mount?

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V-fanboys are fanboys based on experience, not on politics :upside_down_face:


battery life: never ran out of power. but I have no usecase where I need more than 2-3 hours of power. will try to check it and report…
kickstand: sometimes I check the screws, but there’s nothing. it works still as intended…


Similar experience since March 2018 (HEB with 1 TB SSD), except keyboard - mine is working OK.

My question is about two USB-C ports - how do they work for you? In my case - upper is unusable - too loose that even walk around the table where V sits causes disconnection, lower on is loose but usually holds the cable.


I had to bevel the edge of the rubber a bit, no problems since.
Some posts are talking about new cables, apparently with a slightly longer metal ‘part’, who fitted ok


lower USB-C port is tight and in daily use. upper one is a bit more loose, but I never need it due to power and display connection in one cable…


That’s how mine are too. I beveled the rubber/plastic of my long charging cable just like @AML and haven’t had any problems with the upper port since. I always charge thru it. I have also heard people talk about aftermarket cables that work perfectly…Amazon branded I think.


Exact same issues with my USB C ports. Top unusable. Bottom one is ok, but not firmly connected.


I did beveling of several cables, including adding additional 3 mm of exposed metal, but that was not the issue. The metal housing in the port is just loose. There’s no click or indication that a firm connection has been made. The bottom port has the click, but it too can get a little loose. It’s terrible that a manufacturing and/or design flaw has essentially rendered this port useless.

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Same with mine V. Lower one works with some cables and plastic cut. Upper one is unusable but by EVE support within technical norms.

Mine works on battery 6-8 hours - so enough for planned field use. Using Excel, Word, Adobe Acrobat, GIS, CAD, note taking programs - OneNote, Drawboard PDF, Nebo.

Kickstand is OK, no issues here except missing HEB engraving (personally promised by Konsta).


This works with my lower one, not with the upper one.

thanks for the reports of your personal experiences. but let’s stay on topic… there are other threads to complain about technical issues with the V. I had none (the ones I had were solved by myself, or I just don’t care about them, or I started to change my way of use because it’s not my thing to complain hundreds of times about the same thing, nobody can change…)


Happy to hear about the longevity of the V!

I like your VESA mount. Did you shoot from the hip or did you have a schematic or math data for it? Also does yours allow you to swivel your V so that it is vertical?
(I was considering modifying a music stand and a brake to achieve a similar effect)

How does the V run your CAD program? You said specialized but do you know how it compares to trying to run UG or Autodesk or similar?

How is the response time between the V and your connected screen?


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I made some drawings and then a cousin of mine cutted it and bent it. I would say it was a shot from the hip. I mostly built it this way because of the heat dissipations… Every other way to mount a V to smth. is hard for that… With a open kickstand it’s perfect… I can use the full range of the kickstand hinges to swivel the V plus some degrees of adjusting the arm… The CAD mapping program I use is not compareable to Autodesk, but for 2D it’s surely enough… 3D could be a problem.
What is the “response time”? I can’t see any difference in the time things are displayed it you mean that…


Thank you for this detailed post! It’s really interesting to see reports from users like you who have been using their V’s for a long time.

Slick Setup! :heart_eyes:

How about the WiFi transfer speed compared to the Surface?

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I dont think theres any $700+ device with worse WiFi than Surface’s Marvell chip


I could not say it better as @Patrick_Hermawan. I’m not that much in tech to recognize differences between two devices in WIFI speed. If there is a slow connection it’s due to our place in the outback of a country with one of the worst internet speed in Europe (Germany)…