one of my monitors randomly shut off and wont turn back on

I’m very happy with my new monitors. however, randomly while I was watching youtube my main monitor just shut down. completely turned off for no reason whatsoever. and wont turn back on. I have tried swapping the power supplies and the other monitor works fine with both power supplies, but neither power supplies will turn on the first monitor. It just does nothing. I’ve been using them for the past two days with no problems. zero gaming or overclocking or anything like that.

any advice would seriously be appreciated. I’ve been waiting a year and a half for these monitors and they’re a really nice christmas gift to myself. thanks a bunch.

You should write support about the problem.
If you changed the cables and it doesn’t work, it could be a hardware defect.

Does the LED turn on if you press the power button?

the LED does not turn on when the power button is pressed. I have messaged support but haven’t received a response yet.

Hey same problem here and i havent heard anything yet. Wrote 2 Emails.
If i hear nothing i will take it apart myself and fix it myself. pls keep me updated if u hear anything.

BTW i wrote them 8 times becouse nothing came and they said next week u should have more info ect. then i asked if it got lost aaaand they said no. Few days later they said it got lost and sent a new one with priority and a week later i got it…

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Hi @PeacefulHawk,

I recommend not to do that as you will lose your 14 day return policy, if it is a hardware defect.

Please can you DM me your support ticket and I will escalate this for you.

@AwesomF - Were you able to get a response from our Support Team? If not, please DM your support ticket also.

Hello—was this resolved and is there a solution? I have the same issue on both of my monitors. Power cycling does not seem to work.

Hi @UpstairsIbex,

If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support.

Are you experiencing the same issue as AwesomF? Is the LED not turning on after the power button is pressed?

Hi @MarvyMarvz

Thanks for the help. I contacted support and have not heard back.

Yes I am experiencing the same issue. Pressing the power button does nothing and the LED is not turning on. Is there anything I can do in the meantime to trouble shoot both monitors while I wait for support?

I do not think it is the PSU. Both are outputting 20V. The monitors have always been plugged into a surge protector.

I have tried power cycling (unplugging for 12 hours) with no luck. Not sure what else to do

Hi @UpstairsIbex,

If you can provide your support ticket number, once you receive it, I’ll be able to look into this further.

As this is not a common issue, I have no idea what the cause of this is. It doesn’t sound like its the PSU, it’s highly unlikely that both PSU would not work.

I would recommend switching around the PSU on both monitors and seeing if that does anything.

I know this may sound silly but can you confirm you’re actually clicking the power button and not the OSD joystick.



My support ticket number: 67209

Yes I have tried

  • swapping the PSUs
  • power cycling (multiple times)
  • different outlets and power strips

Yes I am pressing the power button, not the OSD. My guess is it is a panel issue. I would be shocked if the screens overheated, I was doing casual work (excel, ppt) when they stopped working.

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This also seems to have happened to me. I filed a support ticket earlier today, but I’m curious if any resolution was found for the issue? Or did you just have to replace the monitor?

The same thing happened to me, yesterday I updated the monitor to version 105 and it wouldn’t let me update it, it was in version 104, and then it didn’t turn on, I left it for an hour and a half and it turned on by itself, it was restored to the factory version 102, which I turned it off and it no longer turns on, I have had 12 hours disconnected all the cables and nothing seems to be dead.
Please help

Hi @SCM,

We’re sorry you’re having trouble with this.

When installing a new firmware on the Spectrum, you need to perform multiple power cycles.

If you have given the updater ample time (10–15 minutes) and nothing seems to change on the screen, then you can perform a power cycle by turning off the monitor and unplugging it. Wait 15-20 seconds, then plug it in again before turning it on. This process may require more than 3 tries.

When performing the update, it will also help to make sure that no other devices are connected to the Spectrum other than the computer itself.

Please visit this topic for the latest firmware, which is currently version 106. Please be sure to follow the instructions carefully as updating the firmware is a very risky process.

After half an hour with the computer turned on and the screen connected but not turned on, it turned on and I was able to download the updates from 104 to 106 in that order, now it works correctly.
Thanks for the help