One device to complete what's missing at our V

Let’s discuss about missing parts or usable parts to add (for example: egpu, powerbank, docking station, waterproof case,…) problems with the 2in1 form factor (lapability, screen size…) and try to connect these things to ONE perfect extra device for our V and maybe also for our Vone (Vphone) in future…

In my mind is a flat and maybe foldable egpu which can be used as dockingstation per tb3 on the desk. Maybe we can design it also for mobile use to improve lapability an make it work as a powerbank… crazy idea: with a projector inside to get a big screen everywhere…


I feel this device would be as expensive as the V itself :fearful:


I’m trying to find out fro Rav Power if they have devices that power via USB-C. They do not, as their powerbanks only put out 5 volts.

I want a cheap eGPU and a lappability case. What can I say, good luck combining them :smile:

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Cheap eGPU case (No card inside) with power passtought and VESA compliant holes. And I will be a happy camper.