On the RTINGS montior vote

Hey everyone,

As some of you are aware, there are some concerns about the validity of the latest RTINGS monitor poll. It appears that multiple fake accounts were created to vote for or against Spectrum. This goes against RTINGS’ rules, and as a result both Spectrum and the runner up have been disqualified. RTINGS relies on fair polls to create the reviews their community wants to see, just like we rely on polls to create the products our community wants to see. Because of this we understand their decision even though we would really love to see their review of Spectrum. Though we encourage everyone to vote for Spectrum in the future we ask again that everyone plays by the rules.


Obviously any vote should be fair, but this doesn’t really address if EVE employees actually attempted to manipulate the poll, the statement from RTINGS specifically mentions that they believe that someone at EVE paid for several insider accounts to vote on the monitor.


Apparently one of Eve members commented saying he had created 65 accounts to vote for the Spectrum, sooooooooo yeah…

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Hey @Alexandros,

Just to clarify: One of the Eve Community members posted about this. As soon as I noticed this post I asked the member to respect RTINGS rules, and please keep things fair etc. The Community member’s post was removed after by their own choice.

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While we’re clarifying - can you claridy whether or not any Eve employees were involved in manipulating the RTINGS poll please?

Hey @darraghlong,

There was no internal coordination for the voting, however that doesn’t prevent any individuals (from the team or our community) to vote personally. As we mentioned previously, we believe in voting integrity, which is why we issued internal and community-wide communication to make it clear to all that such behavior or accusations of it is damaging to our brand and it won’t be tolerated in the future.

We want to say sorry to all community members who badly wanted Spectrum to be reviewed by RTINGS. Their team has recognized the huge interest Spectrum enjoys and has agreed to re-add our monitor in 3 months, when we will be able to earn the public vote again.

In the future we really hope that there will be no coordinated effort to make Spectrum “loose the vote” as it happened in the last two polls. At the end of the day, Spectrum is a solid product that would and should speak for itself.