On screen keyboard not showing predictive text chrome windows 10

Anyone else have this problem? The on-screen keyboard pops up when I tap anywhere I can text and disappears when I tap away everywhere on my V except when using Chrome. Same for predictive text… works everywhere but Chrome. Seems lots of people have had this problem but I’ve yet to come across someone who’s found a solution.

Anyone here on the forums experience this?

Yep, pretty sure it is microsoft just trying to fight chrome so that people use edge.
No solutions that I know of. I just use edge for most of my stuff.

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There’s predictive text on Windows 10 ? :o

Wow. Never thought of that. Are you using Edge for that reason or just personal preference?

Not sure if that was meant as sarcasm but yea, when using the onscreen keyboard. Maybe with a physical keyboard as well but I couldn’t tell you since my keyboard has been boken for months smh. Waiting on a replacement…

Microsoft have bought years ago when windows mobile was à thing the Swift keyboard(not sure of the name anymore) which was and still is the best keyboard on screen ever. So Yeah prédictive text has always been since Nokia and Microsoft love story there.

Do yourself à favor and avoid chrome please ?
Even if you have stockoptions at alphabet ^^
Use vivaldi or brave or ungoogled-chromium of anything else for that matter but chrome

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Or you know, something that isn’t chromium based like Firefox. Really don’t want to see another browser monopoly like with Internet Explorer.


Anyway, be as smart and responsible as possible in your choice of browser. It’s not just about monopole, it’s also about diversity (quite à nuance between those two) and what représents Alphabet as values.

Prefer edge for class work
Chrome for media

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How long have you been waiting for a keyboard replacement? I hope it comes soon.

Nah, it isn’t sarcasm haha. I genuinely didn’t know there’s predictive text in Windows. I did a Google and it appears that it is only available for on-screen keyboard :o

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