On-device logging

Are there on-device logs that users can download if we have our monitors connected via USB? We already have the ability to upload firmware, so it would be great if we could get diagnostic information off the monitor. For example, if the firmware recorded basic telemetry any time it changed inputs, lost signal, or changed refresh rates/resolutions, that might make it much easier for us to troubleshoot the black screen/flickering issue, since at this point it seems impossible for the firmware team to fix just based on end users reporting their hardware and scenarios. I’ve seen problem reports that appeared to trace back to things like bad device EDID or HDR settings, and those also seem like they would be much easier to troubleshoot with some good logs.

I assume the monitor doesn’t have any nonvolatile storage that could be safely repurposed for logs, but for me I haven’t had any problems with the Spectrum actually powering itself off, so I imagine that any logs tucked away in a small chunk of the device’s RAM would probably survive blackouts and then I could collect data for the firmware team to use to investigate. The logs may also help users solve their own problems - if we can see indications that there’s a signal issue, perhaps it means we need to try a different cable, etc.


Hi there,

This is a really good idea and actually has been brought up internally. It might not be possible with the current hardware setup, or without installing additional software.

It makes it a lot easier too for both the end-user (not having to describe everything in detail by providing the log instead) and the firmware team to figure out what is actually causing the problem.

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There is definitely some problem with the EDID, at least on Mac. I have been looking into it a lot recently and have found a lot of the monitors default detailed timings do not follow standard CVT. Causing problems for bandwidth. Not properly waking from sleep are probably also related to the handshake timings for the monitor and the computer being off. Thankfully you over right the functionality of the EDID if you know what your doing, but it only dose so much.

I assume the timings are this way to get the 144hz on hdmi. But I’m not a big fan of it if it hurts the DisplayPort and usbc.

You are correct. This is why the latest firmware update attempted to tackle this issue by optimising the timing.


Is there any news on what month the new update should be coming out or what patches it will be focusing on?

Even if we couldn’t do it natively, is there a way for us to capture logs and other info using the MSTAR Firmware Burning Tool. It would at least give active community members who are willing to spend the money a way to get hard data off the monitor for the firmware team.

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There is no news yet on when and what the next update going to be. My feeling it will be mostly bug fixes, but stay tuned!

I will try to bring it up to the team and see what they think.