On coping with scaling logistics

So Eve clearly has challenges communicating. Although the support team has done a far better job lately, customers complain of receiving up to five payment emails, refund requests remaining unreplied, and of course the time until they receive their monitor.

What should Eve do to broadly address these frankly valid concerns? For instance, while I understand their economic scale limits the degree to which they could ship more quickly, Eve could publicize more information about their queue, allowing customers to check upon the unit designated theirs to better grasp the timing of their eventual delivery. Thoughts?


I think we need company leadership getting personally involved with communication to the customers. It’s difficult to trust that any of the staff we’re dealing with actually know what’s going on. Company leadership could be lying to everyone as they go through bankruptcy right now, stringing us all along to make their exit from the company a softer landing.

They’re active in the forums from what I’ve seen, but it’d be really nice for there to be greater financial transparent

I’ve been advised everything is moving.

I’ve also been promised a tracking number manyanna every day for a week.

Still don’t have one!

As one of the first 250 backers of V2 this is very disappointing.


Hey @apgray,

Everything is in fact finally moving!!!
Have you spoken to support about this? I think they should be able to help you out.

Enjoy your weekend,

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It’s appreciated to see you guys so active! I’m sort of fascinated, from your perspective as an Eve-person what would most benefit or improve your communications process? Is there anything we in the forums can do beyond actually looking in the forums for answers before voicing complaints?

Very very unhappy that Eve have not paid the $221 import charges.

Eve only cover the import charges (tax and duties) in certain countries. I think it’s the US, Canada, EU, UK, and possibly Australia. People in other countries are responsible for paying their own import charges.

This should have been made clear at some point during the payment process. It should be on the shipping page of the payment process, at a minimum. But knowing how Eve work, it’s probably knowledge that’s buried here in the forums and only if you know which thread to look in.

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Ah, important then to unarchive the accidentally buried information we care about