OK to use an Apple charger with the V?

i have a MacBook Pro charger that uses USB-C and was wondering if it was safe to use to charge my v?

The Mac charger also uses USB PD so it will work without problems. Eve doesn’t guarantee it though.


Ah, OK, so that means using any other charger could void my warranty?

In the early days of USB PD (Power Delivery) there was a lot of kit that didn’t conform properly to the spec so you have to be very careful in your choice or peripheral or connector (the same was true of USB C as a whole).

Nowadays it seems to be fine. As well as the supplied charger I use models from Inatek, Olixar, Anker and RavPower - all successfully with no problems at all (although the Anker charger is a little underpowered if the V is working at the same time as charging).

I also now swear by the Anker braided cables (which, incidentally, don’t seem to have a problem with the “loose” upper USB C port on my V).


In theory yes. But that’s a fact that’s hard to check I guess :smiley: