Office 365 activation question

Did a search but no results.
Has anyone that purchased Office 365 through the campaign received any activation info?
Maybe I missed something but have not found it with my eve delivered a few days ago.
I did put in a ticket for this (along with all the add-ons that are missing) but thought maybe I just missed something.

Also, did not receive any info on how to totally reinstall windows 10 PRO if need be. Anyone know?
There maybe a recovery partition but have not found it.

There isn’t a recovery partition. You may wish to back-up your drive before you start using it.

For Windows 10, the license entitlement for your machine is stored online so you can reinstall the same OS version on your machine and the activation will be ok.

For Office 365, it is activated using a key and then it is linked to your MS account. I don’t think there is another way to do it. You should ask Eve Support about that.

Thanks, Have a ticket open with this question. Just wondering if I missed something.

To late used it. There must be some way of reinstalling Win10Pro as we paid for it.

Windows offer a number of recovery tools. You can also clean install - your licence is linked with to your BIOS so it should activate straight away- but that will lose your calibration settings.

You can find information about re-installing Windows on the V, should the need arise, in this support article.

As for the Office issue, our support team will get back to you on that.

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there is a recovery partition on the SSD by default … it’s at the end and by default doesn’t have a drive letter associated with it … you can see it if you tried to partition your SSD

i have the same problem and also contacted support, they said they will get back to me. So at least we are two :slight_smile:

I face this problem. Does it mean I still need to reinstall the Windows even though it is my first time to use it? It seems weird. I think that I could solve this problem without reinstalling the Windows…

No no no, you don’t have to reinstall Windows for a licensing problem.
I was just answering this part of the question :

May I ask what problem you have exactly ?

I am facing exactly the problem like this:

For that problem you should contact Eve Support.
Normally you won’t need to reinstall the OS, just enter a new key.

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I think so. Awaiting their reply. Thank you.

Hi @sawadee.
I got the same Problem. My WIN PRO was installed - lucky me
But I don’t know how to activate my office 365 .

Did you get help yet?

If you didnt get the activation key, you need to contact support about it.

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I have contacted support to tell them that Office 365 activation key has not been provided to me but i have not answer, still waiting for it.

It will be nice to know what is going on and when/how we will get it

WEll you will get the answer. Don’t expect them to answer immediately.

Hi @Inma_del_Castillo,
I had the same incident. After contacting support on 4th of march I got my key send on 5th of march.

i contacted them on the 2 March and i have not heard back yet

Not sure how long do i need to wait @inffy, what is your suggestion?