Ockel - an interesting mini PC

Hey! Came here to ask your opinion on the Ockel mini pc. The idea and design look very neat :slight_smile: it is clean and minimal and has a ‘switch mode’ where it can act as a keyboard or mouse. It’s being fundraised in the indiegogo platform so I’m asking for your advice to see if I should go for it or not. Have to say I’m impressed with that cooling mechanism - looks stunning but is functional too.

Oh and I also liked their page. The perks are nice and the video too although I did think it was a little too long (maybe cut the video into two where the CEO starts talking?).

So what do you guys think about the Ockel and the crowd funding page?


I avoid indegogo like the plague, after being stung twice, on high profile campaigns. Once they’ve had their cut, indiegogo seems uninterested in sorting out frauds, so only gamble with money you can afford to lose.


Pushing aside the “vapourware” clouds the following thoughts occur in no particular order

  • Using the standard windows interface will be next to impossible at the scale demonstrated in the renders used …you will have to have a touch “skin” or use the windows mobile/continuum version of the Os to be able to use this when away from a larger monitor …Edit: Yes I know about “tablet mode” (you would think that they would show that in the renders)

  • Heat…I know its low voltageetc but I can’t help but think that with specs/screen etc it will get warm the body is essentially a giant heat sink …

  • I put this in line with the low end windows tablets just a different screen form factor ( Kind of reminds me of UMPC’s)

You should save your bucks for Pyramid Flipper instead. If it were on Kickstarter, I’d say maybe you should go for it if you can afford it. But IndieGoGo has zero consumer protection.

The Ockel, from what they’ve said is using Windows 10 Home so I can only guess they’re using ‘tablet mode’ :wink:

And about the cooling, an atom processor shouldn’t generate much heat :wink:

Yup, my 5" phone is powered by Atom. Its body is entirely made of plastic, and it only heats up when playing graphically intense games.

In Win10 you can switch between Tablet and Desktop Mode.
So “they” don’t “use” it.
It’s Win10 out of the box.


I think more and more people think this way.

Do you also think we could turn out to be that way?

If so, is there something we could specifically do for you to exceptionally trust us despite the platform? Or are you considering getting one from the first limited quantity batch?


tbh, it is not about you, and i like your project. I simply will not support indie gogo as a platform. I know that many people who have had similar experiences think the same. I still fund kickstarter projects, as i find the company there at least makes the right noises when something goes wrong.

Well, I thought that the Ockel mini pc is a great concept and should be acknowledged. Maybe Indiegogo is not the right platform, but that was not the main point. Stuff like this takes the PC evolution forward and it does not always have to be with the newest and best tech inside. Maybe it will fail, maybe not. But to have the courage to innovate is always good. The Ockel has a lot of thought behind it. It is versatile mini PC and that they have worked with Microsoft to make it an input device when connecting it is innovative thinking.

There would be no PF if the founding guys from Eve would have not had the idea, concept and courage to produce the T1. And to be honest, I think that if they would have asked the community at that point during the designing phase the T1 would have never been born. Luckily it did.